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What people do not fit to tattoo

With tattoo eyebrow, eyeliner is popular, more and more people began to enter into the beauty salon, beauty shop. Observe the people around us is not difficult to find some eyebrows wrinkles very successfully, eyebrow pretty lifelike, the lips with lipstick, a simple and eye-catching makeup makes a lot of spirit and beautification.
But not all people are suitable for tattoo eyebrow. Let the Asian tattoo Xiaobian for everybody who is not suitable for tattoo.
The tattoo is a kind of skin surgery, so there are many taboos:
(1) the face or eyebrow area boils, folliculitis and other infections.
(2) eyebrow region lesions, such as hemangioma, sebaceous gland cyst and seborrheic dermatitis etc..
(3) physical scars.
(4) neuropsychiatric disorder, the tattoo after the requirements from the actual or expected effect is too high.
(5) the preparation of eyebrow allergy.
(6) patients with blood diseases, such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia.
(7) to avoid cross infection, hepatitis B and other infectious disease should not carry eyebrow.
(8) congenital or acquired ptosis, ipsilateral eyebrows are often higher than the contralateral, extremely easy to cause the error in the eyebrow design, often leading to tattoo after the results are not satisfactory, it is taboo.

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