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What is the six dimension of open floating eyebrow

What are the common methods of tattoo

Asian tattoo The gateway to do note My project Parents always want to do good floating eyebrow, but seems to have done well, let the Asian Beauty Network introduce it to everyone!
The eyebrows is a natural polymer fiber formed by completely cornified keratinocytes. The thick eyebrows, thickness, length, hardness, color, health is affected by genetic and acquired environment.
The physiological significance is the embodiment of eyebrow eye protection and health; aesthetic significance is the natural decoration of the body; the psychological sense of personality, is the inner emotional world of the metaphysical meaning is exposed; reference section of life, emotion, career luck.
In the field of decoration, if sparse messy eyebrows eyebrow embroidery pattern or a new beautiful or a uniform line can only be reached for eyebrow quantization or texture, and did not reach the real effect. There are many decoration workers into the blind, eyebrow lines arranged blindly focus on and not perfect.
At present only six dimensional real lucky draw floating eyebrows can reflect the eyebrows.
The perfect embodiment of both shape and color, eyebrow rhyme six dimensional harmony.
Shape: a three-dimensional effect of individual changes in the thickness of the transition line
“Eyebrow” give people a man-made dull feeling, and eyebrow with life movement, with the state of nature.
The natural growth of the eyebrows, every time a new and mature The new supersedes the old. eyebrows, thick long thin and short eyebrows at the same time, both the length and the thickness of the eyebrows is true, the actual period of coexistence of.
In addition, from the perspective of perspective drawing, three-dimensional effect to the expression of the painting, we need to draw thick lines to show eyebrow embossed near outer effect; with a fine line to display the virtual distance effect with the inner eyebrows; level of expression of lines is not thick not thin the eyebrows, eyebrows to achieve three-dimensional permeability stereo authenticity.
Want to make the eyebrow more real, need to use IPM needles physiological rebound. In addition to patent IPM is a physiological rebound needle arranged from coarse to fine nature, exactly in line with the unique features of the natural phenomenon from the root to the eyebrows eyebrow brow outside, want to make use of the needle pieces rough lines to head; central line thickness uniform with the needle pieces; to make the fine lines with a needle tail piece. The whole transition lines by eyebrows coarse, medium and fine stagger stereo perspective effect finish. Six types of needle sheet thickness and length, and different, can match with the original eyebrow, five kinds of techniques of painting floating eyebrow (simple method like brush backward drawing lines), the new painting eyebrows from true to life.
Color: color transition lines individual 3D effect change
The color of the eyebrows due to geographical, racial, genetic and dietary habits of different significantly. The color of the eyebrows are black, brown, yellow, red, white, is the role of genes.
In addition, the content of metal elements in human hair tissue in eyebrow color and also have a certain relationship. With the same amount of copper, iron and melanin in black eyebrows; molybdenum containing many eyebrows brown; nickel containing many eyebrows were gray white; titanium containing many eyebrows is golden yellow; containing copper, cobalt and more reddish brown eyebrows; iron red eyebrows; if the copper content is too high the eyebrow was green.
Choose floating eyebrow color milk color for guests, must be on the basis of primary genetic and metal content of pigment eyebrow color, be targeted to determine the color, eyebrow eyebrow to combine with the new native nature, or make eyebrows late will change, such as blue or red.
IPM medical nutrition milk color painting with eyebrow color, consistent with human eyebrows five genetic pigment.
If the customer has thick eyebrows native black, thick greasy, brown ink to be chosen to match;
If the customer has original eyebrows conventional thickness, dark brown, thick brown selected match;
If the customer has a soft tan, original eyebrows, selected brown to match;
If the customer has conventional native eyebrow thickness, dry sense of pale grey brown black, selected to match;
If the customer has the fine original eyebrows, colorless yellowish hair, a sense of the eyebrow, the selected soft brown match;
If customers embroidered eyebrows, color red, yellow and Brown can restore the selected color, color material;
If customers embroidered eyebrows, after bleaching skin is red, green and Brown can be selected, the reduction of primary color material;
Customers such as tattooed eyebrows, blue, orange and brown selected, can be turned into brown.
The method above can make the original color eyebrow and newborn eyebrow together, even half eyebrows, before really false is not obvious, many will be true.
Rhyme: eyebrows with dynamic rhythm, rhythm and charm
One of the new eyebrow jumps as true to life, like the notes on the staff, to be happy, to the mountain Willowbank Wen Ying of leisure. The plane should avoid eyebrow oblique vertical arrangement of transition lines neatly lined up like the.
Can the rhythm more than linear curve; the three level has more charm than single level; the thickness of the line depth of the sonorous rhythm segmentation performance.
Each person’s eyebrows in addition to genetic main color, also has the other side mixed color. If the eyebrows under natural sunlight careful observation is not difficult to see that the main genetic tone, but also there are other mixed color of this natural phenomenon. In order to new eyebrows to the original, in addition to the three-dimensional effect of patent using IPM physiological rebound needle make individual thickness change transition lines, in the color of the selected also need to be realistic. The original eyebrow color relative to the color of milk (the color) in the interval corresponding to the whole eyebrow, half floating needle line from the new painting eyebrows, eyebrows in the levels present; with darker shades of the color of milk (that color) in the needs of the individual parts to strengthen the whole floating relatively thick lines from the new needle painting eyebrows, eyebrows and showing the outside level; to light the color of milk (foil) in the needs of the individual parts of the delicate, before the relative needle floating fine line painting out new eyebrows, eyebrows in the levels present; finally, foil to the tip of the needle floating technique in eyebrow edge from the fine hair painting (Xiao Zheng).
The transfer stagger three color, line thickness transition of individual 3D effect changes, three-dimensional effect of individual color lines transition form again, three-dimensional and three-dimensional, six dimensional. Therefore, the ingenious combination of shape, color, form new rhyme eyebrows six dimensional beauty.
Want to three-dimensional embossed effect is strong, collocation can be made as follows:
1, thick black color gene of greasy feeling:
Gene color is brown, color ink on grey brown color, soft brown background color milk.
2, the dark brown color gene:
Gene color is brown, thick accent color is brown, foil for soft brown color milk.
3, brown color gene:
Color is brown, the gene that color is brown, thick foil for soft brown color milk.
4, dry sense of light color gene black:
Gene color is grey brown, brown, color ink on foil for brown color milk.
5, color is yellow eyebrow gene hair color, colorless sense:
Color is brown, soft gene that color is brown, thick foil for the brown color of milk.
Transport: eyebrow eye Decoration effect, value lip: recessive and natural make up for the defects, the appropriate change of adjustment, enhance the beauty, in order to achieve the purpose of good luck, good luck.
As the saying goes, men see children see nose eyebrow, eyebrows woman many hidden truths, which contains career luck and feelings of luck.
Who is the main basis of career and emotional implication, should avoid a heavy pressure, will luck; it should avoid the monotonicity of the box until the eyebrow line from the eyebrow box, the lack of hair growth opportunity. When processing, it should follow the principle of “two life, two students in three, three things”, vertical at three levels.
The first level of strength gradually sloping evenly tied to straight eyebrow in the form to reflect the life of positive. The second level with arc lines gradually sloping evenly arranged eyebrow, eyebrows with three-dimensional embossed effect, to reflect the feminine negative. Every line of the third level, on the bend straight, reflect the variable.
The highest probability “reflects life, not less than the original”, will reduce the chance of prime number, also be not higher than the original “, too tired.
Eyebrow tail plays toundertake bearing role, not all of a sudden become thin and drooping, don’t lose good luck in front of the air. Mei Wei also needs three level arrangement.
The eyebrows are missing, the break, must fill in place, avoid financial leakage or affect the emotional life.
Eyebrow grooming, need from Esthetics And two of metaphysics to enable consumers to obtain, beautiful and good luck! I wish all IPM and Xian float swing lasting art predestined people Xinxiangshicheng luck!

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