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What is the lip tattoo patterns of adverse reactions teach you practical processing method!


make up To summarize the postoperative treatment and should be possible:
A bubble
Many people will ask: How to deal with the foaming lip tattoo patterns ?
1: see more inflammation and single granular formation. Its remarkable characteristic. The root of red. Treatment with anti-inflammatory treatment, moderately strengthen the use of antibacterial agents.
The 2 type: common emphysema lip and facial blisters, because mucous membrane by external trauma, there is a cooling process in the recovery period, the surface of the skin mucous membrane is the hottest part. Due to the uneven heat type global emphysema. In the next generation. Take a single needle puncture. Auxiliary agent with 10 minutes, but will affect the color uniformity.
The 3 type: the virus on the lip face but also known as pure herpes. In common to a plurality of facial lip aggregation arrangement. It is by the body outside of HPV infection, changes in the wound caused by the formation of.
Treatment methods: surface with single needle puncture bubbles, with metronidazole tablets into powder, auxiliary agent in mixed into a paste, apply on foam for 20 minutes ——30 minutes. Oral A Silowe. Injection of interferon or transfer factor, improve immunity and drug.
Two rejection.
The 1 body of rejection, pigment into the body in the body cells during deep assimilation to foreign substances produced by the rejection phenomenon, common in the periodic shedding lines after the deep cause of tattoo.
Treatment method: apply anti scar cream, oral valaciclovir C.
2 Pathological rejection due to pigment toxicity, organic pigment into the skin to keep pushing, and constantly promote the cuticle of the body off the formation of local uplift, common block uplift.
Treatment methods: the body surface of a uniform puncture, with metronidazole tablets powdered and auxiliary agent mixed into paste, apply 20—30 in this body minutes.
Three hyperplasia.
One The scar hyperplasia : irregular uplift, more common in the scar hyperplasia. Because is too deep or too dense and excessive tattoo and the formation damage caused by erosion, leather case.
Treatment: can open skin prick test in the wound surface, so the application of antibiotics in the curved piece of cotton on the fresh touch cover 15—20 minutes. (triamcinolone acetonide is a nerve atrophy drug, often used for surgical treatment of scar. The amount of less rather than more).
2 rows of dysplasia: regular uplift [e.g. lip edge].
Treatment: ofepidermic do a uniform skin puncture, to apply antibiotics on curved piece of cotton on the fresh touch cover 15—20 minutes.

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