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What is floating eyebrow?

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

Floating eyebrow Wenxiu Wenxiu in 2004 attributable to, in the traditional technology, the set director of the public and years of experience for the pre tattoo, eyebrow defect, invented floating eyebrow. And apply for a patent. With the same principle and principle of eyebrow tattoo, coloring phenomenon is traumatic, according to the face, temperament, occupation design eyebrow, and then open the skin with floating eyebrow, buried in the pigment. The pigment and collagen combination, form a pigment. Then the formation of a root like eyebrows, eyebrow tattoo pattern composition technology. Because of the improvement of the tools, design method can improve the eyebrow. In the creation of floating eyebrow, eyebrow can feel with slender hair like in effect, can be deceptive, handsome and elegant feeling. So called “floating eyebrow”

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