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What are the side effects of pouch excision surgery?


Panda eyes, eye bags under the eyes is the most common problems of modern people, because a lot of people the pace of life is not the law, often stay up late, leading to eye problems are becoming more and more serious. Remove pouch surgery can lasting dispel bags under the eyes, so that you don't have to paste cream every day. So for pouch surgery have side effects together to follow? Asian tattoo net The tattoo teacher to know about it.
Pouch resection surgery What are the side effects? Asian tattoo network reminder: teacher Wenxiu must find qualified plastic surgery hospital, rather than beauty salons, small clinics; to select qualified plastic surgeon. There are some people with slow recovery, never mind and worry after the operation, careful maintenance will be restored to the best effect. The incision is small, little scar.
Remove pouch surgery done sooner the better. Because the young men of good skin elasticity, quick recovery, as long as the intraocular incision, can directly remove the fat, do not need to remove the skin, without a trace. Along with the growth of age, the lower eyelid fat around more, with the increase of the pressure of the skin, as filled with water bag, in the course of time, the skin is loose, then can only remove part of the skin at the same time remove fat.
This will be the operation of the actual situation. Is the perfect solution for all problems of plastic pouch doctors "cut". Some people are afraid of surgery feeling, so I chose to "cut", but "endo" can not change the orbicularis muscle problems, eyes still look fat; fat pad out, but was open the skin and fat pad is not removed, then the skin is like an empty bag, can let a person look haggard

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