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What are the common style Eyeliner

The latest trend of Eyeliner

1. Natural
Features: Eyeliner slightly wide, color thick eyeliner; slender, pale; the outer corner of nature is no exaggeration.
The modification effect: natural gentle, simple and generous

2.Dahua type
Features: prolonging liner outside without a trace, Jiaxian slight rise.
The modification effect: natural decency, elegant charming

3. Kobayashi Teruko
Features: common eye style Eyeliner angle line not completely sealed, like the eye line connection; after the closure should be no big gap, both inside and outside corner of the eye to prolong.
The modification effects: gentle natural, mellow and soft

4. hanging open angle type
Features: the liner angle, not early, upturned corner seal; the liner close to the roots of eyelashes.
The modification effect: fresh and pleasing, delicate and charming.

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