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This is very important to perfect the eyebrows

tattoo pigments

This is very important to perfect the eyebrows!Now everyone in a fast-paced era, everyone is thinking about “today, today”, but some things are really not so simple. Especially do embroidery is to observe the patient stay in color, but do not think fast.

The traditional artificial chemical pigment easy to color, some gently broken skin color will go up. Some do not even break the skin, can make the color of the left up, basically do not have color, but after a few years, will become blue red eyebrows, eyebrows, need to get rid of the laser.

tattoo pigments

And before the old tattoo tattoo pigments with different. Use the pigment semi permanent makeup eyebrow is pure natural plant, mineral extraction, solid color effects should be different. So, there will be scar fade phenomenon, so it needs two times this is more perfect.

A good tattoo will experience such a process: the first is to test the color of skin, and initially formed, the second is complementary, belong to semi permanent tattoo formal operation, just started to make color a little heavier, 3~7 days 28 days of scab, skin metabolism presents pigment absorption degree!

Two complementary necessity:
First, the cuticle cells will fall off, cycle in about 28 days. Therefore, after the first semi permanent tattoo, there are about 20%-50% pigment with stratum corneum exfoliative cells. At the same time and age, skin elasticity, whether there are relationship between damage and other circumstances.
Second, the first semi permanent tattoo, according to the operation situation of the first to master the skin absorption of pigment, in color during the later stage, can improve the semi permanent tattoo is better in correction while the lack of natural distinctive effect, and optimal maintenance time.
In fact, the left eyebrow color, and after treatment, the nursing of the eyebrows. In order to achieve the perfect effect of eyebrow, eyebrow after 8 days is the key to do!

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