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The tattoo will do eyes swollen, swollen embarrassed?

eyebrow tattoo

The invisible line natural Eyeliner eyes swollen? Some people worry that after natural invisible eyeliner, the eyes will be swollen, looks very much like the panda eyes, and let others tell at a glance. In fact, the natural pattern invisible Eyeliner eyes swollen? Let's listen to the Asian Network Wenxiu Wenxiu teacher introduce it.
The teacher said the Asian Network tattoo tattoo, as long as we carefully prepared the nursing work, so the natural invisible eyeliner, eye liner eye after the swelling phenomenon in a certain period of time will naturally disappear, finish natural invisible liner after care to do, then, the recovery time is shorter.
Natural invisible eyes swollen eye after nursing In the tattoo at the topical anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent infection, three days daily for 3 times, the tattoo within three days after the wound kept clean and dry, not wet, anti-inflammatory drugs can be swelling serious oral (general made of the major double eyelid swelling);
The tattoo can be cold in the redness, swelling and make it as soon as possible, should be placed on the ice cold ice bag, wrapped in sterile towel cold compress 20-30 minutes, all may not be placed directly on the surface of ice or ice, ice water to prevent penetration wound caused by infection; scab should not be exposed to hot water, steam, prevent callus softening effect, coloring; scab should make themselves off, not strong for pull off, to prevent the color with the crust together off and affect the tattoo color effect.
Finish natural invisible eyeliner, is a little swollen phenomenon, but only after the nursing tattoo, quickly recovery, others do not see beauty, do not worry too much

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