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The tattoo make eyes more charming and vivid


The method of modern female tattoo a fashion beautiful, eye liner can make the eyes become more spiritual, but also added a bit more charming. The modification effect of eye liner: age is light, often makeup, Eyeliner form thick and deep, crispening and vigorous, lively
tattooed Eyeliner eyeliner, Eyeliner tattoo
The eyes are the window of the soul, this is a questionable, so a pair of beautiful eyes is overall with a person is closely linked inseparable. And to make them look more beautiful, eyeliner is the best choice, the tattoo can beautify the eye contour, so distinct, vivid three-dimensional, more important is to correct various defects of eye, eyes more charm.
Tattoo on the female friends can be said to be eye size can, big eyes eyelid person tattooed eyeliner can make the eye more bright little eyes, eyelid the tattooed eyeliner can widen the eye shape effect.
If you do have a wide and double eyelid for long time can not be restored, can visually shorten the tattoo on eyelid is too wide, but high myopia hyperthyroidism or other causes of excessive eye protrusion should not be tattooed people because most single eyelids drooping eyelids often face the eyelashes eyelid occlusion the root is not exposed after the grain effect is not obvious for the liner. In 1908 Xuehai, can only continue to improve their technical skills to retain customers, in order to maintain their permanent fame.

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