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The so-called lucky eyebrow

Eastern Tattoo

Master of metaphysics pointed out that the impact on women than men, even the eyebrows is more obvious, because in the facial features, the eyebrows is a key determinant of the eyebrows, eyebrow, color, shade, thickness, will give people different feelings and impressions, such as too deep or too thick eyebrows will have a fierce fierce feeling; too light or too sparse eyebrows may make people feel no spirit; this time, must depend on the adjustment of eyebrow moderate, to help shape their own image and different momentum.
Between the eyebrows "Yintang", is one of the most important parts of the face, the greater impact on fortune. Yintang best net, flat open, moist, so the best Zamao Yintang can pull out clean, you can through the massage or hot towel, Yintang promote blood circulation, make the good fortune from red yintang.
Between the eyebrows eyebrow and if too close, will affect a person's life, the ideal distance is about a half to two refers to the distance between the narrow will affect the good luck, too wide to spread wealth.
The head and tail eyebrows to poly, so the brow, eyebrow tail the miscellaneous wool to be repaired in the eyebrow, body integrity, it can help you do things clear.
Eyebrow hair to smooth, irreversible, vertical, rotary, chaos. So when you do eyebrow along the growth direction of the eyebrows to draw eyebrow tail, can make a mild and gentle personality, reduce disputes, friction, strengthen the interpersonal relationship.
Eyebrows to grow (more than that of the long end of the eye), said his thoughts and feelings of profound friendship, balance everything in good order and well arranged. A cut or bruise it between the eyebrows, eyebrow or eyebrow pencil with repair, so as not to affect your life.

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