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The secret of longevity through Shoumei and life history

I heard a petrographic teacher, longevity eyebrow does not mean longevity, to see what time long. He said, in general, forty Shoumei fifty dead, fifty Shoumei sixty dead. In the sixty years after the long Shoumei, said this person may live longer.
I should have been observed, indeed. I was the leader of the unit, more than and 40 year old long Shoumei, the result of 05 years of cancer death, to live fifty-four years. Bo Yibo is our hometown, the impression he Shoumei long, like an old fairy like this, Shoumei is long out of his old age, the live nearly one hundred years.
Tell from the function, the human body in the eyebrows is probably the most useless thing, but why do people long eyebrows with eyebrow? Hair, hair kept long eyebrows, long to a certain extent never seem to long; the strange thing is, if you are not a small fire eyebrows, it was still the same long, with the original no less. What is the effect of control of its growth?
Now the research of Chinese medicine, thinking what reason, finally some perception. The hair is more than blood, human blood running will germinal; deficiency of Qi and blood, hair will be less. Women than men tend to rely on the body Yin, nourish Yin blood, so many women. Eyebrows than blood, the liver opens into the eyes, eyebrows is liver hua. You can view the disease from the liver can also be used to infer the eyebrows, the character of the people.
Kidney belongs to water, as the birth of the Yuanyang reservoir, Yuan Yin, liver wood, wood to water. The eyebrows constantly growth, is to shut off the liver, kidney and solid like, not stop loss with Yuan Yin Yuanyang, will lead to lower Yang can not afford things, kidney failure, immunity and other viscera function also becomes worse. Therefore the effects of Shou cheng. Why the elderly longevity eyebrow instead of life? The law of human and nature is concerned, because the women’s 77 Tiangui dried up, the men’s 88 kidney exhaustion is men after the age of sixty-four, Qi also closed, then it is not relief Qi long eyebrows mean, but liver Qi catharsis itself the ability of the table records, the liver can dredge up, 100 veins, vein Road, is not all, so in Yongnian.
Aware of this, goodbye to less than sixty and the long eyebrow, the life is not permanent! Yes, evolution, can escape the destiny, to Duoxiufo good, as many do evil, nor will you day.

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