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The plant should pay attention to what

What are the common methods of tattoo

Asian tattoo network, Plant simulation That is a Brow Beauty technology more realistic effects, and the simulation plant should pay attention to the following matters:
1, Plant simulation Don’t make up.
2, to avoid the menstrual cycle of female mammals.
3, please designers themselves or plastic surgery professional painting eyebrow.
Take a bath to keep the head clean, simulation plant before 4.
5, to determine the health of plant simulation before non infectious disease or other physical inflammation.
6, hypertension and diabetes should be informative in the first visit to the doctor to inform the condition to open the doctor confirmed the operation plan.
The plant should pay attention to what? The above matters is to pay attention to the plant simulation, hope to bring help, at the same time, Yixing plastic surgery hospital to remind everyone, not everyone can do three-dimensional simulation plant, everyone in the beauty before, it is best to consult clear you can simulate the plant, which has great influence on the safety and effect.

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