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The original tattoo lip bleaching technology

eyebrow tattooThe delicate colorful bright lip is the representative of the new technology of today’s tattoo technology development, is the original ecological beauty of art. Shenzhen Jane Eyre is a personal bright colorful delicate lip native natural lip color lip as the foundation, combined with metaphysics, aesthetic principles, both fashion and personal preferences, temperament, age, skin color and other factors, the pure plant color milk in strict accordance with the medical standards of implantation of lips, lip bright new technology and unique skills into the lock color.
Just after operation when the lips feel the color more gorgeous, lighter, just complete the repair of some uneven color of the repair after a week or so, will the color, the effect will be more natural and beautiful. In the color part of the color of milk late effect. Not all the implantation of skin color milk can form pigmentation in the skin, long stay. Finish the lip after feeling the effect is very good. Shenzhen Jane delicate colorful using new techniques and bright lip color technology, greatly improve the effective rate from the late decoration color, color.
The delicate colorful bright lip feature. The original natural lip color red, brilliant color thick bright red lip. Lip is successful, the most important is to see the late effect. The ideal lip ornaments should be uniform color, luster, type. The delicate colorful bright lip lip color and later pure, transparent hydra

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