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The method of keeping lasting beauty brow shape

eyebrow tattoo skills

Is the development of flexible spinning embroidery eyebrow painted art achievements, the method is to embroider eyebrow shape of the tattoo. This operation is a kind of metal or plant pigments can penetrate into the dermis to pierce the skin to form, and then permanently keep the eyebrow shape beauty method. Give Way Asian tattoo net Introduce for everybody!
eyebrow tattoo skills
The tattoo is "single needle" or "three needle", plus auxiliary electric tools, by the pigment in the skin of the needle, What harm tattooed eyebrows ? and embroidered eyebrows are based on 12 or 16 node 45 degree angle Youzhen synthesis, a pigment in the more such as embroidery like pierce the skin, the whole process is to hand control. In the use of the pigment, use eyebrow pigment paste, strong adhesive, pigment is more easily with the needle into the skin, it is easy to color. In the embroidery process, the needle is at a 45 degree angle to the skin, and only embroidered into the subcutaneous shallow cortex, which is less invasive, applying a small amount of anesthetic in the embroidery before you can achieve pain relief effect. How long does it take to wash the eyebrow tattoo ? because the pigment into the skin, not be mixed with yellow skin, thus will not cause pigment discoloration, color accurate lifelike embroidery.
A tattoo of surgery, I believe we should now have a certain understanding, but we should also pay attention to the related nursing after surgery, a short period of time to avoid spicy food, in addition to avoid injury, the mouth with water, after should rest, proper oral antibiotics.

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