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The method of improving eyebrow deformity

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The distance between the eyebrows are too wide
Belong to congenital malformation, through cosmetic surgery will advance to the middle brow eyebrow beauty, 3 months after the operation scar will gradually disappear.
The eyebrow is not correct
Because of injury and senile eyebrows drooping eyebrows can make shift or defect. Senile eyebrows drooping brow if beauty is caused because the forehead skin relaxation, the best way is to take the frontotemporal skin tightening surgery to correct. When there is this necessary, can also be used to improve the method to correct the local excision. The eyebrows around the site damaged due to scar contracture Yan makes part of the eyebrows upward or downward shift. But no matter what kind of shift, you can use the “Z” plasty corrected.
For facial burns and trauma cause eyebrow defect in whole or in part
If one eyebrow defect and within the full-length 1/3, beauty brow again the eyebrows can be adjusted to compensate for the defect.
Eyebrow deformity
Eyebrow deformity formation due to local tissue trauma after the split, beauty brow early malsuture, could not be neatly wound edge butt, or without suture repair of fine eyebrows, in cases of dislocation caused by healing; limitations also occasionally leprosy, alopecia, syphilis and other diseases. Eyebrow deformity repaired again in accordance with the original healing scars cut, split after resetting and adjusting, accurate suture.
A few eyebrows eyebrow
Can be used to improve the eyebrow reconstruction, beauty brow the following two methods can achieve the purpose of eyebrows.
1, scalp free transplantation with a scalpel: cut the ear after along the hair of the scalp, remove subcutaneous fat, leaving the hair follicle, and then transplanted to the free eyebrow, transplantation of viable epidermal shallow suture, suture fixation for packing. 7-10 days after termination of packing dressing stitches, as a kind of Wine pale purple, beauty brow is signs of scalp grafts survival, such as dark purple indicates the failure of the operation. With this method the survival after transplantation of scalp hair, it began to grow in 1-3 weeks, but beauty brow gradually after 3-4 weeks and almost all off. About 3 months later will slowly grow, but relatively sparse. Some people use hormone drugs or plant nerve block to stop the occurrence of this temporary hair loss phenomenon in this period of time.
2, the island is a scalp flap transfer: head scalp blood vessel and connected to the eyebrow, transferred through subcutaneous tunnel, because there is no beauty brow cut off blood supply to the scalp, so hair transplantation almost all survived, the eyebrow is thick. No matter which method for transplant to the eyebrow defect is actually the growth of hair, so it is faster than the eyebrows, thick eyebrows, need regular pruning. Especially the reconstruction using second methods of eyebrow, brow hair transplantation because beauty will appear than thick eyebrows. In recent years, with people in the 4-6 days after transplantation to transfer the vascular occlusion, the results of this part of the hair becomes soft texture, looks more like eyebrows.
A lot of people will ask why the hair will fall? The speed of hair growth, the basic knowledge of this Wuhan expert with you about the hair:
Different parts of the hair growth cycle length and different length of the. The growth cycle of beauty brow eyebrows and eyelashes are short, only 30-60 days, a period of about 105 days. Catagen hair is very short, and the leg hair degradation period is greater than the growth period.
The amount of hair of normal human was 90 thousand – 150 thousand, the growth cycle of hair beauty brow is divided into: the growth period of about 3 years, the degradation period of about 3 weeks, a period of about March. There are 85% mature hair in the growth period, 15% in the stationary phase. This cycle of dynamic balance, namely 10 Beauty brow in the growth phase of the hair is always close to 1 at the stage of hair root. Normal daily hair shedding 50-80, also have hair regeneration equal.
As everyone knows, if the hair is not cut, will grow longer. According to the growth rate of determination of hair is 0.27~0.4 mm per day. According to this calculation, a month long hair about 1cm a year is about 10~14cm. If growth at that pace, the baby from birth to 10 years old, the hair at least 1 meters long, 20 years old, will grow up to 2 meters. Beauty brow hair that is not the case, however, is not necessarily a lot of long, but by the growth of certain rules, this is the hair growth cycle.
The normal daily average of about 50-80 off the hair, so people don’t have to worry about the hair of her body, but there are very few hair grows so fast, even more than their own body. This is due to her hair growth cycle 15-20 years, caused by more than 3-4 times the general human hair growth cycle, hair beauty brow 2 metres above the people, the hair growth cycle for 26 years, this is a relatively rare phenomenon.
The hair in the four seasons of a year basically does not have too big change, this is because each hair has its own growth cycle. Beauty brow hair every day, but every day there are new hair initiation. The shedding of hair initiation and keep dynamic balance of total quantity, make the hair largely unchanged. This and some lower animal is not the same, all those animal hair growth cycle is basically synchronous, formed during the same period, give birth to the same period off the “molt” phenomenon.

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