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The five line of eyebrow, how much do you know?

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“You pick eyebrow, like language more ecstasy”! That is to say the “happiness, anger, sadness and joy, surprise, fear and worry are expressed by eyebrows. As the saying goes, “for you, for his eye eyebrow, eyebrow, eye is” plan for the implementation of the eyebrows, plays an important role in facial features. Give Way Asian tattoo net The My teacher For you in detail The five lines on eyebrow !
A person’s life in the physiognomy, eyebrows represent “transport, life, rich, spring, live”, that fortune. The longevity and health, family harmony and elegant with the accumulation of wealth, the cause of increase on the meaning of! For example:
1, double eyebrow distance is moderate, is a successful investment into a career, the feelings of a concept phase, too narrow or too wide vulnerable to injury. (before the operation as far as possible according to the aesthetic standard three court five to provide customers the most suitable design of the eyebrow is better)
2, too many eyebrows, is not conducive to see the truth.
3, eyebrows, is a symbol of longevity.
4, low brow, without a place to live in poverty.
5, eyebrows inverse, brothers and.
6, splay eyebrow, miserable.
7, sparse eyebrows and light, without the help of others.
8, the lack of self-confidence, sparse eyebrows, depression, poor health.
9, short eyebrow, impatience, lack of patience, good luck to run away from.
10, the moment, resolute determination, strong sense of self assertion, female marriage, shallow edge difference.
11, give off eyebrows, like.
12, the lack of eyebrow, discord.
13, eyebrows over the pick, life does not reach the heart.
Our customers for the design of eyebrow, require the use of source design beyond nature and natural science.

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