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The eyebrow tattoo for those people?

lovbeauty medical tattoo artist

Although you can add their own tattoo Wei a beauty, but you have a thought, the tattoo is suitable for me? What is the taboo tattoo. ? A pattern set for life, in order to be prudent, we still see What is the right view.

1) adapt to the crowd
The sparse eyelashes pale, eyes dark, eyelid atheist.
The eyelid or eye abnormalities.
The double eyelid surgery is too wide, not long-term recovery.
The pouch surgery, the lower eyelid is too wide.
The personal hobby and occupation requirements.

2) taboo Crowd
The suffering from eye diseases, such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis, stye.
The long-term wear contact lenses.
The lower eyelid blepharoplasty after severe valgus.
The single eyelids or upper eyelid relaxation, not on the line, but can be operated in double eyelid surgery.
Some of the reasons causing proptosis was.
The abnormal mental state or to the recipients with.
The menstruation and pregnancy women.
The allergic constitution and physical scars or other operation intolerant systemic diseases, such as diabetes and serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Professional for the slimest eyebrow line
0.18mm 9pins Microblading Needle for 3D eyebrow tattoo

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