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The close relationship between the face and the eyebrow tattoo skills

There is nothing more than the eyebrows can change a person’s face, “says. Indeed, the election of the eyebrow, you can make the whole people will find everything fresh and new, not the same. We look at the match manual, find the eyebrow and your face is the best match.
Inverted triangle – natural eyebrow

eyebrow tattoo skills
A sharp chin inverted triangular face is all faces the most fortunate, because the eyebrow can choose relatively. Tattoo and eyebrow harm to people However, because the lines inverted triangle face is cut straight, so it will make the facial lines up eyebrow feeling too resolute, give people the feeling is not easy to close. The natural eyebrow slightly bend, can ease the lines of the face, make the face look softer. The whole from the brow to Mei Wei, showing the natural curvature of relaxation, the so-called natural eyebrow.
Because the eyebrow thrush trick: “no protrusions or raise eyebrow tail, so as long as the shining brow paintings depict the shape of growth, will be able to easily draw natural eyebrow.
Square face – on the eyebrows

eyebrow tattoo skills1

Eyebrows are emphasized on the curvature of the tall eyebrow, eyebrow tail has a natural curvature of the eyebrows, stylish and fashionable, just to cover up his face slightly serious point of view, like magic, the face becomes round. Good repair eyebrow a few days ? Pay attention to thrush is between the two eyebrows is best to keep a little distance, two eyebrows too close will make facial features appear too concentrated, let the square face become bigger and more.
Thrush know-how: from portrayal to Mei Wei Mei Feng, need to slowly reduce fine lines, and slightly higher along the eyebrow. “The most important part, with eyebrow eyebrow pencil will arc sketched out, so eyebrow curve more three-dimensional.

eyebrow tattoo skills2

Bow type high Tiaomei most suitable for round face girl, its tall arc, just in the round out the proper distance, let the facial features of the face is not so concentrated, but also makes the face stretched out. In addition to Sherry, Sammi Cheng, the eyebrow radian high tall eyebrow, but also many representatives of the supermodel eyebrow.
Thrush trick: itself eyebrow high girl, just follow his original eyebrow slightly painted is perfect. Tattooed eyebrows are harmful to your eyes ? If you do not have a natural bent brow, eyebrows will completely eliminate the latter part, relying on manual skills, can also draw eyebrow are you proud of transfer.
Long face – Brow
Straight is the best choice. In the face of two horizontal, straight lines, as if to face into two side, it makes the face look feel not so long, also have some modified rounded cheeks.
Thrush trick: eyebrow flat no curvature, or Mei Feng high enough girl, along your eyebrow, generally does not require big changes, can draw straight.

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