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The causes and treatment methods of tattoo no color

Broken body dynamic floating eyebrow painting

The characteristics of each person’s skin is different, sometimes because of tattoo skills, pigment color, shallow thick will affect The tattoo effect is good . Below everybody with Asian tattoo net Detail!

1, oily skin. Solution: increase the density of light tattoo permeation.

2, the tip exposed too long too short (operation). Solution: adjust the exposed length of a needle tip.

3, tip blunt, not checked. Solution: replace the needle.

4, color too thick. Solution: dilute pigment, pigment paste with glycerine; liquid pigment with sterile water for injection or injection of gentamicin to dilute.

5, the pigment is too thin. Solution: re color material.

6, tattoo too deep. Solution: reduce the puncture depth, take appropriate measures of hemostasis.

7, tattoo machine length is not enough, the eyebrow needle not stained with pigment. Resolvent: How long can repair after lip bleaching Length adjusting machine, decoration or replacement.

8, epidermal tissue damage, such as spring allergy damage the cuticle, mosquito bites, freckle products with guests. Solution: light tattoo, high density, multi penetration.

9, while wiping paper. Solution: there should be other colors are absorbed by the skin and then rub.

10, do not repeat the text lines. Solution: after the line should be heavy replies.

11, the acupuncture point of view is wrong, not to tip the direction of tattoo. Solution: adjust the angle along the direction of the tip of tattoo.

12, the use of organic pigment, organic pigment is easy to phagocytosis and fade, and will spread out. Solution: the use of inorganic pigments.

Not enough time 13, anesthesia, capillary contraction is not good. The solution: to extend the duration of anesthesia.

14, or no lip lines to the tattoo part taut. Solution: do the site to the tattoo and the taut. Lips lip bleaching after repair .

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