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The aesthetics of the eye

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As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul. Generally, a pair of beautiful eyes should be able to reflect the psychological and emotional changes of people’s activities. From the exterior view, big and bright eyes, eyes long eyes, clear eyes, is beautiful and swollen eyes, small eyes, drooping eyes, is not beautiful.
In fact, the adult eye size is basically the same, but the appearance of eye shape vary widely, its shape is an important factor in determining the eyes of upper eyelid and lower eyelid opening degree, inside and outside corner of the eye shape, how many shades, eyebrows, eyelashes length and shape.
The beauty of ancient scholars the positions of facial features are summarized as “three stop five eyes”. “Three stop”, refers to the length of the face is divided into three equal parts, respectively, the area under the. On the area from the forehead hairline to the ophryon, central from ophryon to the nose area under the bottom, is from the nose to the chin at the bottom edge is equal to the height of the three district is equivalent to three of the height of the nose.
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The “five eye” refers to the width of the face in the eyes of the horizontal position to equal the five eye distance, that is to see the face from the front, right ear hole to the left ear distance, just the equivalent of five eye width, respectively (about the width of the eye), and to the ears of the lateral canthus eye spacing the width (about each). Generally speaking, in accordance with the ratio of the face, it is easy to produce symmetry, give people the feeling of the United states.

According to Asian tattoo statistics, the adult eye width of the palpebral fissure, diameter of 30 ~ 34mm, with the angular distance is 30 ~ 36mm, upper and lower palpebral fissure size is 10 ~ 12.5mm, upper eyelid and eyebrow spacing is 15 ~ 20mm, which is the height of the upper eyelid.

A lateral canthus slightly high, medial palpebral fissure angle is 48 to 55 degrees, 60 palpebral fissure angle of lateral canthus to 70 degrees, and the angular line and a horizontal line angle is about 10 degrees.

The cornea exposed rate is 50% ~ 80%. Eyes look ahead, the upper eyelid covering cornea is about 2mm, the lower eyelid and cornea edge contact. The corneal diameter 12 ~ 13.6mm, average 11mm.

In the 1/3 in the upper eyelid the highest point in the junction of the upper eyelid, the lowest point in the lower eyelid lower eyelid and foreign 1/3 junction.

On the top of tarsus is 8 ~ 10mm, lower eyelid is 5mm.

Small crack, orbital hypertelorism and epicanthus did not meet the three stop five eyes, which looks incongruous and is not beautiful, only through these people to make a harmonious and well proportioned beauty.

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