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The aesthetics of Mei eyebrow, eyebrow shaping lasting charm

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As the saying goes, ogle, visible eyebrow is also very important, beautiful eyebrow for many beautiful points. Asian tattoo net That is to help the beauty of eyebrow aesthetics, to create a beautiful eyebrow. Mei Mei aesthetics, is an art, is also a beautiful creation Beauty items .
Now, Mei Mei aesthetics has become a fashion favorite for most people, it not only represents a kind of art, but also a symbol of fashion and beauty, and its development has a long history. Eyebrow aesthetics is not only a highly technical work, it is also a beautiful art creation, it requires the operator to have modern aesthetic viewpoint and trained with regularity makeup skills.
The physiology, mechanics, optics, geometry and metaphysics of color, blending, tattoo technicians in the guest design eyebrows, to the object as the basis, design suitable for eyebrow facial features, facial contour, suitable for the overall temperament, vivid. In color with color, color, the original guest eyebrow eye color, intensity, density, the actual operation phase. After the operation, appropriate, natural color of life. All beauty is harmonious, the proportion of moderate, all beauty is comfortable and pleasing to the eye, easy to close.
Eyebrows represent human emotion, as the saying goes “ogle”, showing every twinkle and smile people’s inner world. But the eyebrow height and length can make the surface can be improved, visible eyebrows are an extremely important position in the face. Three features in the design should pay attention to the eyebrow eyebrow era, personalized, symmetry.
Every age has different trend of current popular eyebrows, more popular is the tall eyebrow. But this is not to say that “high, high brow. “The location should be at the highest point of the eyebrow muscles and can not be separated from the eyebrow muscles, such as muscle is higher than the eyebrows is not natural. The key is whether the eyebrow shape tall “below the eyebrows, eyebrows up tall, looks up tall whole eyebrow.
In general, the doctor will according to each person’s personality is different, the design of camber also should not be identical. Usually outgoing people like from the Mei Feng, while introverts love some soft lines.
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