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Tattoo lip bleach safety more rest assured

Tattoo lip bleach, safety more rest assured.The lips are the most active part of the face. A beautiful lip shape plays a very important role in the beautification of the whole facial features.No matter how bad the color is, as long as a bit of color beautiful lipstick, the whole person immediately shine up!In ancient China, the poem “a little peach blossom on lips” was used to describe the beauty of women after applying lip gloss.But many women suffer from the agony of wearing a mask, drinking a glass of water and eating a snackThe lipstick on the lips is a mess, and the refined makeup on the face loses its luster.

In the face of makeup removal, many people deliberately open their mouths when eating, so that the food does not touch the lips, resulting in a loss of grace;Also have a few ladies to reduce the annoyance that labial red takes off at any time, choose the kind of so called not easy decolorization lipstick, do not know this kind of lipstick often is doped with the chemical composition such as lead and tar, after besmear can drink, eat and swallow, long can produce bad effect to liver, kidney.So now many women who love beauty are choosing another kind of healthy, scientific and simple lip surgery – tattoo lip bleaching.

The principle of the lip bleaching and eyebrow embroidery is the same. It is based on the natural lip color, and the artificial pigment is injected into the subcutaneous tissue by the machine to form a new stable lip color through the blending of the two colors.

Some people may have a mistrust of tattoo-lip bleaching, believing that such treatment can harm the skin on the surface, making the lips swollen or even painful.That’s not the case.Bleaching is a much younger beauty technique than tattooing.The material used is pure phytotrophic protein pigment extracted from plants. It is a kind of green pigment, which has little damage to human skin and is more even and stable than chemical pigment after implantation.

Moreover, tattoo bleaching lip is colored with soft patch method, which is mild, that is, no anesthesia is required. The natural paste pigment is drawn under the lip epidermis with embroidery eyebrow pencil, which is deeply penetrated by soft patch method.Therefore, technically speaking, the lips are relatively mature.It’s just that there are very few people who suffer from skin allergies.

The advantage of tattoo lip bleaching is that it can save the trouble of applying lipstick every day, and the red lip after bleaching will not be faded because of swimming, eating and other problems.By bleaching lips, you can not only put on the permanent lipstick, but also outline the permanent lip line, so as to solve the trouble of repeatedly modifying the lips every day, and make the beautiful lips last forever.Many women worry about the pain of lip bleaching, but the development of modern technology has made the process of bleaching almost painless.After also won’t appear before the lip red swelling pain phenomenon, a week after the natural scab.Show natural charm and elegant demeanor.

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