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Tattoo indications

The historical origin of the floating eyebrow

Many women in their natural small eyes and trouble, major surgery and afraid of risk, what to do. In fact, can try to eye liner, lower eyelid lashes on the eye, is actually not what line, just show the shape looks like a lash on the lower eyelid department have a natural line, people call it "". "EyeLiner" beautiful eyes sparkling shenghui. Big eyes, eyes and skin lines will make the skin more Eyeliner eyes sparkle, small eyes, eyes and skin can widen the eye, add beauty effect.

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Tattoo indications
Eyelashes fall off. The atheist eyes dim.
Trichiasis after surgery and postoperative pouch is too wide, the eye liner, can produce narrow scar.
Double eyelid surgery is too wide, through the line, can produce the effect of reducing the width of double eyelid.
Requirements for the United States tattooed generally should be at least 18 years old.
Contraindications tattooed
Suffering from eye disease, especially with blepharitis or have other inflammation are not eyeliner.
Eyelid varus or valgus, proptosis, eyelid skin relaxation was obvious, sagging or obvious pouch.
Suffering from skin diseases, infectious diseases (hepatitis, AIDS).
Physical scars, allergy is best not to tattoo.
Abnormal mental status or psychiatric patients.
The expected value is too high, or unrealistic requirements.
Relatives do not agree, I shilly-shally, psychological preparation is not sufficient to be listed as a temporary contraindication.
The single eyelids, it should be advised to do double eyelid surgery, after the tattoo.
The principle of tattoo
The liner should be tattooed on the eyelashes or slightly lateral; under the eye liner should be tattooed on the inside of eyelashes. This can seem natural and graceful.
For blepharophimosis, generally do not advocate the eyeliner Eyeliner lines will be too close to the eyelid eyelashes, otherwise wrinkles can make eyes more narrow, aesthetic effect.
The tattoo should adopt black dye patterns to follow the "narrow not wide, shallow Ning Ning, not deep to moderate" principle.
On the inside of the liner should be lines of fine light, and lateral lines to shoot should be thick, generally speaking, on the liner width, thickness ratio should be in the appropriate 7:3.
5, eye surgery must type, age, occupation, temperament, hobbies and other factors on the basis of flexible adjustment

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