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Tattoo eyebrow: what are the reasons for project failure?

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Now my eyebrows everywhere, but not a professional beautician in lack of experience and aesthetic ideas under the guidance of a fixed pattern, a pattern for the customer a stiff and not natural, the color is not correct, or asymmetric eyebrows, such as splay eyebrow, eyebrow, eyebrow sword crawler, self defeating. Let's talk Asian tattoo net The tattoo teacher a look at it.
Tattoo eyebrow 4 reasons for failure:
1, use the wrong color tattoo. The tattoo pigments have shades of brown, gray, black, brown etc., should be selected according to the hair and skin color. Oriental hair color often have several color mixing, a dark gray, a little dark brown. Therefore, eyebrow color liquid and the appropriate person, partial hair black, darker skin with natural grey with one or two drops of black hair; yellow, the skin is white with natural grey with one or two drops of coffee. In the experiment, many beauticians just a single dark grey or black tattoo, such a pattern is not true, not eyebrows will naturally make eyebrows look dull and distortion.
2, My project Eyebrow in the design is not correct. A pattern of eyebrow is ideal, eyebrow design is the key. If not in accordance with the characteristics and their eyebrows eyebrow customer shape design, removal of the original eyebrows, eyebrow to lines from a new eyebrow, eyebrow when expression provoking, and a pattern eyebrow does not correspondingly move. At the same time, the two black bars from his eyebrows and tattooed on the skin, natural not to mention what the "three-dimensional". Another situation is due to the impact of customer seat and the light source and the eyebrow asymmetry caused by asymmetry of eyebrow in the design of a short, wide, high and low, has a narrow, such a pattern is the eyebrows is not symmetrical.
3, the use of inferior pigment. No individual good occupation moral beauty industry, for the pursuit of lower costs and poor selection of pigment, also causes the color of eyebrow color blue, or exuvial also will be removed. To bring customers a painful and unnecessary trouble.
4, tattoo techniques, not suitable for improper weight bias. Eyebrow should follow the direction of the growth of eyebrows, grasp the depth, density and skills. Brow, eyebrow tail color should be slightly pale, slightly thinning and density, eyebrow color is heavy, the density is dense, this is the tattoo in shades affordable. If the pattern of the thick black eyebrows, the whole eyebrow becomes stiff. At the same time to pay attention to the natural convergence bias of transition, if the color line is too obvious, eyebrows will distortion

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