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How to tattoo eyebrow effect is the best?

Eyebrow Tattoo According to the development of technology now there are many kinds of eyebrow method, so what kind of eyebrow tattoo method is the best? Eyebrow Tattoo method has plane eyebrow, point-like eyebrow (eyebrow), stereo eyebrow, stereo simulation eyebrow tattoo and so on. This is also a process of gradual evolution with the development of the Times.
Now let’s look at the analysis of which eyebrow is the best?
First: Plane eyebrow: This is a very early appearance of eyebrow tattoo technology, he is a kind of oneself like some patterns in his eyebrow, after the improvement of the modern embroidery division, formed the current plane eyebrow, this eyebrow has a characteristic is that he is a standard eyebrow pattern, the color distribution is very uniform, no vitality is very rigid.

The second: Point-like eyebrow (eyebrow): This is a little bit of the well of the eyebrow technique, is to adjust the color of the color material into the eyebrows of the root. Make the roots thicker so that the eyebrows become dark and change some of the people who used to have small eyebrows. So he also has some limitations.
Third Kind: three-dimensional eyebrow: This kind of eyebrow is after the beautician from the painting art comprehend. Its main features prominent lines like eyebrows, with the length of uneven, thick hair line characteristics, the text with the needle to the same direction with the eyebrows.
The fourth kind: simulation three-dimensional eyebrow: This kind of gimmick is magical in the first appearance soon by the beauty salon quickly popularizes. He is characterized by the main color is brown, combined with medical, optical, aesthetic eyebrows to the appropriate color of the dynamic beauty. This method is not suitable for women with little eyebrows.

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