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Talking about 10 types of eyes, how to embroider eyeliner

Double eyelid, single eyelid, big eyes, small eyes, so many types, how according to this feature to embroider their own eyes line? Let Asian jacquard embroidered network embroidered teacher tell you!

1, double eyelid eye line from the inside from thin to thick, the lines to the tail to pick up, forming an angle. The width of the eye line is 2.5 mm, the lower liner from the inside from the thin to thick, the thickness difference is not large, the thickest is 0.8 mm. The line is 1/3 slightly downward 0.5 mm from the tail.

2, single eyelid eyeliner and double eyelid eyeliner are basically the same, but the eye line slightly wider, the end of the eye line to stir outside.

3, small eyes eyeliner should be slightly thicker, the starting part should exceed the tear point, the tail slightly more than the outer canthus angle and upward flat out, so that the eyes can be significantly larger.

4, big eyes eyeliner up and down not too thick, neat and delicate, from the inside from the tear point outside the angle of the outer canthus upward flat out, tail slightly outside the tilt.

5, hanging eye eyeliner eyes of the outside side of the line of micro-downward, the tail do not tilt. Under the eyeliner 1/3 position below, can be located in the eyelash root or slightly below the eyelash root, the tail can be slightly wider, its width can be up to 1 millimeters.

6, drooping eyes of the eyeliner inside and outside the eye liner more than tears, eyes in the corner of the Canthus to Sharp, the outside 1/3 to the tail, slightly wider, under the eyeliner always in the gray line lashes between the root thorn. The tail is stirred above, causing the sensation of the slanting hyacinth.

7, slender eyes eyeliner up and down the central part of the liner can be suitably coarse, resulting in the illusion of shorter lines of the eye.

8, round eyes eyeliner up and down in the tail of the appropriate extension outside, then the eyes appear slender.

9, swollen eyes eyeliner the whole eye line to be thicker, within the angle of the canthus gradually widened, in the distance from the outer canthus angle of 2 mm to glazing pick, forming a clear fracture line, under the eyeliner to thin.

10, the eyes of the sunken eye liner should be fine, under the eyeliner outside the canthus angle slightly fine.

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