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The highest level steal the star’s makeup tips

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The highest level of makeup, steal the star’s makeup tips.“3 cent person, 7 cent makeup” somebody asks makeup artist what kind of talent calculate can make up.

Makeup artist said: “the highest level of makeup is natural, make people look like they haven’t worn makeup.”

In today’s society, stars have become the trend indicator of fashion, leading the trend of The Times in makeup and beauty. Then how to create the celebrity makeup look? Let’s take a look at the “nude makeup” of stars.

Nude makeup is not without makeup, in fact, it just looks as if it has not been worn. Although there is no trace, it looks more exquisite than usual. Now whether it is a Hollywood star, web celebrity that thousands of people pay attention to, or a girl walking on the street, nude makeup is the first choice of makeup in autumn.

A “naked” is a lot of content.The key is the foundation!

Base makeup must be clear, natural, can choose the foundation that is close with skin color, dosage wants as far as possible little, the 3 elements that foundation wants thin, foundation considers: color number + moist degree + concealer.The choice of product of base makeup on market now much arrive with star same, powdery bottom fluid, BB frost, still have big hot CC frost, actually after all foundation is pink, only carry bright color of skin + block defect these two effect are true.

Suggest can use air cushion CC frost, because it is liquid quality of a material, after daub on the face makeup feeling won’t be too big, proper use powdery puff undertakes pressing, can make bottom makeup more suit, dry skin should choose moist, oily skin chooses those who control oil.After applying, please make sure to use powder scan of the same color number.

Use eyebrow powder sparingly

To sober natural naked makeup, eyebrow wants to respect his eyebrow form, need not decorate painstakingly, to eyebrow form itself eyebrow form still can, can choose natural bit of eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder brush gently in the end of eyebrow, according to original eyebrow form light sketch.

To oneself eyebrow form is embarrassed really, can decorate hind half section eyebrow, draw out in oneself next, can hit on a few white bright pink below brow bone later, protruding eyebrow bone, face can stereo rise.

Make up your eyes

Naked makeup is not like other makeup look, heavily to the eye, the requirements of the naked makeup is eye bright and limpid, on either the eye on a layer of shallow earth color eye shadow, and then in the same position of the rear on a layer of slightly dark a little brown eye shadow, excessive attention to, finally, on the next line in a light earth color, so the eye not harmonious, also more intense.

Eyelash line and eyelash can be removed, mascara is indispensable, it also is the eyeball pen of bare makeup, fly leg also cannot have, mascara is brushed gently, on eyelash can be brushed a bit darker color, next eyelash can be painted a bit lighter.Such collocation appears eye more divine, makeup look is more pure and fresh.

Lip makeup should be light and hydrated

The makeup of labial ministry is the simplest, but the proposal before making up removes the dead skin on the lip first, no matter the person is besmear on beautiful lipstick did not have aesthetic feeling, the method that goes dead skin, usable and hot towel is applied 5 minutes, after softening, rub gently.You can choose a high gloss clear lip color, or pink if your lips are darker.If you want your lip makeup to last, you can apply a bit of dry powder on your lips before applying it.

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Blush should be natural

Blush is used to brighten up the face and shape of the face.Pursue clean naked makeup effect already, do not forget cheek red this one step, can use pink cheek red to decorate, remember, color must be weak, had better choose bigger cheek red brush, brush come out color more natural, look appearance is more sunshine.

Shortcomings of makeup to cover up, show the advantages of light makeup is able to improve your temperament, not only need to use in daily communication, sometimes girls make up is also a kind of respect to others, the thick makeup, now a lot of boys have had enough with the persona of girl, with your most natural look and smile to infect others is king, phase determination is never empty it.

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