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I had my first Permanent Makeup

digital permanent makeup machine

 I had my first Permanent makeup experience when I decided to get the lash enhancement done. This procedure is not so bad since they just place tiny black dots in between your lashes to give them a fuller look. In fact, I was so happy with the results that I decided to get my eyebrows and full lips done as well – HUGE mistake!

As far as the eyebrows go, I think I look much older now and they are way too dark. The lady matched my dark brown hair but normally eyebrows should be a bit lighter. So I have very dark eyebrows now and they have begun to fade unevenly with the right one lighter than the left. I really would not recommend this unless you have extremely thin brows and always pencil them in.

For the lips, that was definitely one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made! The idea seemed to make sense since I have very faint lips and thought it would be nice to have them shaped and tinted all the time. I intended to get just a light natural-looking tint that would look more like a lip gloss color as opposed to lip stick. But it is really hard to get the color just right because everyone’s pigmentation levels are different. My lips are now a bright tangerine color and I am spend much more time covering them up everyday with powder/foundation than I would have spent applying lip gloss. It is also very embarrassing to go swimming or be in any situation where I am not wearing any other makeup or cannot cover them up because they look sooooo bright and clown-like (the gym, the pool/spa, tropical vacation, etc…). I have searched high and low for a method to lighten them but my dermatologist says they should fade over the next couple of years. Blah! Oh yeah, it makes the teeth look a little yellow as well :(

When I compare before permanent makeup photos with after ones, the before ones are always better! I looked younger, fresher, and just more naturally attractive in general. Now I look clownish. I just recommend for anyone considering getting permanent makeup:

  • Do you really NEED it (have a scar that doesn’t let brow grow, etc..)
  • Do you want to have a dating life (because my last boyfriend asked “why are your lips always that bright color” – 99% of guys prefer natural!). If you are married, make sure your hubby won’t be turned off because I have heard of that happening, too.
  • Imagine waking up and looking like a clown or when you are at the pool/gym – trust me, not places where it looks good to have a fully made-up look.
  • Don’t do this impulsively…really think for a while about it and research to find the best possible person to do it.

*Remember it IS permanent and you cannot be 100% sure of how the color is going to turn out on your skin…..

Good Luck!  from web free……

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Love Beauty Permanent Makeup Clinics based in Hertfordshire

Nouveau Contour permanent makeup
Nouveau Contour permanent makeup
Nouveau Contour permanent makeup

Tracy Fensome is highly regarded as an accomplished Permanent Makeup Specialist and Trainer within the UK’s Permanent Cosmetics Industry. Her expertise in providing safe, stunning brows, eyeliner and lips have become greatly sought after across the UK from beauty salons, spas, skin clinics to working alongside aesthetic doctors. As an advanced specialist Tracy also carries out cosmetic medical tattooing for clients with areola and nipple reconstruction, alopecia, hair loss due to chemotherapy, vitiligo, cleft palate & camouflage for scars and burns.

If you are looking for a permanent makeup clinic in Hertfordshire that provides the best results for permanent eyebrows, lips and eyes take a look at the clinic dates below. Tracy Fensome is an Elite Permanent Makeup Artist providing Master techniques of permanent makeup. With the increase in people performing permanent makeup it is very important that you choose wisely and not based on price alone. Obviously location is a consideration but it is worth travelling the extra miles to have your permanent makeup performed by Tracy. With that in mind, below are the Hertfordshire clinic dates and well as Tracy’s other permanent makeup clinics. You may also find this post on ‘How to choose a permanent makeup artist‘ of interest.

permanent makeup machines digital.jpg
permanent makeup machines digital

Dates for April on wards will be added to this post shortly.


Wheathampstead 25/2, 13/3,

St Albans 25/3


Milton Keynes 28/1, 18/2, 27/2


Luton 31/1, 5/1, 20/2


Uxbridge 1/4


Bicester 8/4