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The historical origin of the floating eyebrow

The historical origin of the floating eyebrow

The historical origin of the floating eyebrow
After a long change, old tattoo surgery evolved into the modern system, regular tattoo technology. But until the beginning of 1980s, only to tattoo surgery Tattoo Beauty has taken a landmark step. China Hongkong Ms. Zheng Mingming first thought, the application of technology to improve the eyebrow tattoo. She put the needle tied on the chopsticks and dip needle pigment according to eyebrow modification of eyebrow. that is line the brows .


The historical origin of the floating eyebrow

Since then, the decoration of the wind quickly swept up. So far, in the early stages of tattoo tattoo stage. Around the mid 80s, Chinese Taiwan Mr. Zhang Zhengmeng invented the embroidering machine. The tattoo entered the stage of specialization. In mid 90s, David. He invented the embroidered eyebrow pencil. Since then, many professionals in my efforts, Wenxiu start and aesthetics, medicine, ergonomics, geometry combination. Therefore, the system entered a period of tattooing. During this period, many companies have also emerged tattoo. In early twenty-first Century, Jia Yi Wenxiu company invented a new tool and do brow eyebrow. This is the floating eyebrow!

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Floating Eyebrow Color Decomposition Technology


Floating Eyebrow Color Decomposition Technology

First we identify some related concepts:
1, Pigment Injection volume: volume operation wound into pigment.

2, the amount of pigment: pigment amount retained in the body after the restoration of the wound.

3, a mixture of blood in the left floating color pigments and wound exudation, skin surface formation.

4, large particles of pigment: can exist for a long time in the human body, the human body cannot pigment phagocytosis. The contrast is with small particles of pigment. The pigment particle size does not have a clear idea, the naked eye can not distinguish, only from the persistent pigment in the skin to be judged. Tattoo pigment are pigment pigment particles for it.

5, size: the size of pigment pigment particles.

FLOATING EYEBROW COLOR DECOMPOSITION TECHNOLOGY6, false color: needle plate with stain floating draw lines, no matter what kind of way, the needle body pigment will be different degrees of mobility to the wound surface, and the infiltration of superficial wound, wipe off the floating color, you can see the lines of clear lines, full color. If the end of the operation, then the recovery after basically no color, this is to let the novice touched the false color of the mind. Empty needle floating plans simply apply color, can also cause false color.

7, color: This is actually caused by the proportion of pigment mixed pigment faded in change. Do exercises mixed pigment used when the size of the large difference in the different pigments, pigment mixture into the human body, the human body to absorb small particles of pigment faster than large particles of pigment absorption speed, resulting in the mixing proportion of different pigment color pigment changes, small particles of pigment color influence decreased gradually, large particles the influence of pigment color, appearance color change.

When small particles of pigment absorbed completely, large particles of pigment is no longer being absorbed when the discoloration process is completed, the site will appear large particles of pigment color. The color is a most important link of eyebrow operation, but also a part of the most difficult operation. The principle is the use of color floating eyebrow wound external force (including penetration agent) pigment particles will be attached to the wound surface, and make the corresponding organization fit, and combined with the formation of relatively stable cell body and eventually to be retained in the body. A floating eyebrow color to the technical problems in the industry, is an indisputable fact.

Floating eyebrow has been available for nearly ten years, during this period, but the pursuit of the tattoo division of the technology, it is impossible to be completely indifferent floating eyebrow beauty of lines, a lot of people after the hard practice, reached a high level of floating drawing lines, but in the end because the color does not pass, the late effect is not up to their and reluctantly gave up the floating eyebrow technique, back stiff eyebrow operation up, this is really a painful thing.

Therefore, in order to make Floating eyebrow Methods better applied to the industry, we need to understand from a rational understanding of the relevant details of floating eyebrow, floating eyebrow. Including the late effect of good eyebrow lines:
1, the color is normal, pigment accumulation reached the requirement of color and uniform distribution. This is the way using the decision, technology;

2, the pigment can exist for a long time, do not fade in the skin, which is excellent in durability. This is determined by the pigment particles, can choose; 3, stability of pigment in the skin is good, no color, no smudge. Colour is determined by pigment quality, choice. The iridescence and human physiological factors and operation technology, but can not eliminate through technical ease. “Embroidered” method in the quality of the skin can make good effect later. With open wound is characteristic of floating eyebrow eyebrow technique, obviously damage to the skin, the wound surface area is also the fact that damage the skin physiological factors on the pigment stability is also unable to overcome. That is to say, Floating eyebrow To the late effect of above said that good reach basically impossible, we can only do is to minimize human errors in operation, to close to that goal. Several commonly used methods:

1, natural infiltration. The formation of heavy floating needle wound opening can be larger, better permeability liquid color pigments, such as emulsion and pigment liquid pigment, paint can moderate to rub the wound, and the wound in order to better fit the wall color. The use of pigment paste, can be used repeatedly and extrusion toothpick transfer.

2, fill in the wound with a toothpick with toner, repeated transfer and extrusion, suitable for the formation of heavy floating needle wound. A lot of people easy to fall into a trap of thinking in the toner, it is wrong to think that is a form of pigment toner pigment in the largest concentration of all, until a year ago, I also think so. Later, I talked about the color in chatting with a colourman when (in Baidu search), the pigment concentrate gave me a deep lesson powder together when in fact, a large gap in the life of this example meet the eye everywhere. So the concentration of liquid or emulsion pigment is not necessarily low, even the concentration was high, such as tattoo. Years of experience told me toner, toner because of the lack of liquidity, poor permeability, color effect is not how good.

3, with a needle wound along the row. Underlined in light needle wound is too shallow, very limited on the carrying amount of pigments, basically no color after recovery. It must make deeper wound. The direction of the needle wound, we do not need to be too hard, as long as we make the needles with pigment on sufficient to operate it. The use of light needle lines, is something a bit line division Wenxiu in general, their skill, one eyebrow arrangement seventy or eighty lines for them is easy to understand the color line, is also in place, but often in the use of color needles miss some crucial details of that.

Puzzled in the color problem. This piece moves too quickly and not hidden edge are easy to cause skin lesions of concealment. The color is different from the floating eyebrow tattoo tattoo color color, if the speed is too slow, the tip will not stain to pin point depths, such as “embroidery”, so it requires a certain impulse. The color is like floating eyebrow brush paint whitewashing, fast on the less, then brush less, paint brush a few times of no great importance, but the wound wall “brush” the meat is rotten.

The rotten meat will be the body abandoned above pigment would no deposit (deep wound left). Furthermore, too fast, the edge of place too late to avoid the place will be cut, at least there are scratches scratches caused by tissue necrosis. So with a needle sheet color action to slow down, and often dipped in pigment, multi dip pigment, try to use the flat tail part by wind, let the blade at the bottom. The use of lines need to be careful when handling a tail tip.

4, the machine along the needle wound. Suitable for light needle wound, the wound color guide. During the operation, the shallow wound wall color liquid pigment by natural infiltration, deep into the pigment by needle machine. Difficulty: the machine of deep wound color not visual, can rely on the experience and feeling of control into the depth and the pigment injection rate, piercing too deep will seriously iridenscent. The technique is also suitable for embroidery needle wound light color, truth and machine needle almost, just need to repeat the operation to lust.

FLOATING EYEBROW COLOR DECOMPOSITION TECHNOLOGY5, single needle wound along the row. This small injury coloring method on the wound, but the tools are weak, need patience. The color should be adjusted in different ways according to the specific situation of floating row wound, no one says you must use what tools and what method, the paint will damage the wound more or less the initial state of aesthetic lines, if you need to show or photography, in the initial wound pigment can be deposited again. Some people thin skin, easy bleeding, floating row can see bleeding, this time should give up floating row instead of embroidery, if reluctantly operation, this will be the blood dilution effect of pigment color effect.

A long-term than short-term good color, because of the short line in the end is a bit large proportion, need special treatment. If no special treatment, color line tail slightly less, pale and late recovery is not lasting, the customer image of this phenomenon is called eyebrow “shrink”, so in order to take into account the effect of late, sometimes need to appropriately broaden the eyebrow, that is to say the lines need to according to the same ratio extends to the design of the eyebrow box. Some master, including myself, love color or add other different size ratio of pigment in a main color inside to change the main pigment.

When the color matching will be used because the pigments of different brands, sometimes occur obvious chemical reaction between additives is mainly mixed pigment, dry and even into the group, no mixed before their greasy feeling. Auxiliary chemical properties changed, no longer have the affinity of pigments on skin tissue and permeability, we cannot use the. This situation is almost expired and the pigment, additives for a long time after opening the packaging color, for the jar, we can see in the pigment separated from the main body of water, for the kind of toothpaste packaging, first out is water. In this case, you sell pigment businesses are generally called you stir or shake to use. In fact, this color doesn’t work, even if use will soon (a few minutes) will dry up, while the normal pigment paste or emulsion at room temperature and under exposure after 12 hours can be used normally, I often see in the waste pack tattoo pigment did not run out, just as just come out of the same.

Good condition is the precondition to ensure the color effect pigments, pigment or pigment concentration for the quality, we can not only visually judged according to the late effect. But for the deterioration of the pigment, we see or feel, can change the change, not to change the throw! Finally a solid line agent or something. We know that the line is on the location of the pigment to appear, or thick or thin or thick or thin, clear or dim, all state is made up of pigment particles distributed in the cortex to decide. Pigment into the wound, need the corresponding carrier to load, otherwise it will shrink with the wound closure and wound discharge, the carrier is wound wall surface skin tissue to pigment in wound wall adhesion, we need to make appropriate use of force fit pigment particles and skin tissue, or rubbing or pressing. This force is far far beyond reach of the medicine medicine. Look at the wound recovery, wound recovery is mainly completed by the body’s own function, only play a supporting role in drug – or sterilization.

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Just finished floating eyebrow would be unnatural?

floating eyebrow

eyebrow To everyone, just finished after the floating eyebrow is not unnatural, just finished eyebrows than you usually painted eyebrows but also many natural, many guests just floating eyebrow after the first feeling is like a long eyebrows a lot of root, looks lifelike and natural, because of the color of milk, can achieve real-time real-time color restoration effect. The effect of floating eyebrow only in the epidermis, so do not bleed not a large swelling, after coating repair will be more natural. Later the scab is only a small part of the translucent skin, has no influence on the life and work will not! Unlike the traditional tattoo method, wound, unable to achieve a quick fix, it will fall off scab, a large, unable to retain lines caused by stiff heavy natural eyebrow line, showing patchy situation. In simple terms, as above two caterpillar stick in your eyes, dark and thick, forming a pair of irregulary eyebrows, causing inconvenience to go out to work, and cause mental injuries.



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