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Fall peach eyes makeup, hand to teach you!

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Fall peach eyes makeup, hand to teach you!Popular makeup looks for 2018 are all very pink and vibrant, and in this volatile early autumn, more need to draw a beautiful peach makeup to eliminate irritability.Because the pink of peach blossom makeup is more tolerant, it won’t be like bobby pink to be like very beautiful color of skin, its color is a bit darker than bobby pink, incline to mei hong, it is a kind of comfortable pink, so no matter be white skin or the girl of yellow skin, can hold this makeup look.Let’s learn the techniques of peach blossom makeup.

Steps to make up:

After the first three steps (cleansing, moisturizing and toning), apply the isolator and choose a better foundation than your own skin tone. The most important thing is to make up the face of peach blossom. The following picture shows the steps of eye makeup

As shown in figure 01: sweep brown eyebrow powder over the brows to soften the look

As shown in figure 02: apply light coffee eyeshadow to the upper eyelid area for a base

As shown in figure 03: apply light coffee eye shadow to the lower eyelid as well, up and down

As shown in figure 04: apply red eye shadow at the crease of upper eyelid and use a brush to seasick the red eye shadow, presenting a pale red effect

As shown in figure 05: the lower eyelid is also covered with red eyeshadow and smudged

As shown in figure 06: in the middle position of upper eyelid daub on the peach red eye shadow that contains bead light, let integral eye makeup more beautiful moving

As shown in figure 07: use the black eyeliner cream to draw a thin upper eyeliner

As shown in figure 08: thicken the eyeliner at the eye head and draw a triangle at the end of the eye with the eyeliner cream to add charm

As shown in figure 09: apply gold coffee eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner to deepen the outline and highlight the layers

As shown in figure 10: use a small brush to slightly seasick the eyeliner and blend it with eye shadow for a natural transition

As shown in figure 11: a small section of black eyeliner is drawn on the position of the lower eyelid head, which is more attractive

As shown in figure 12: apply mascara to make the false eyelashes look more natural, and brush the lower eyelashes slightly to enlarge the eyes and add charm

Sweet peachblossom eye makeup is finished, match on the cheek that fastens with color pink tender red and lip color whole makeup face is finished!