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About your Tattoo

lovbeauty medical tattoo artist

The high price of the tattoo, why is it so expensive?
1.  tattoo of professional, technical level of tattoo division are key determinants of price.
The pursuit of the division of each eyebrow tattoo demanding line angle, radian and texture, in order to make their hair color more in line with your skin, they want to color milk complicated multiple deployment. (a more than 3 years of experience in the occupation tattoo division, exercise at least one million eyebrow lines)
2.  milk color tool
The tattoo instrument the color of milk, will directly affect the effect of tattoo. In order to achieve better results, natural to use more expensive products. Professional tattoo division, in order to maintain the best selling effect, will not easily change pigment.
3. other costs
My teacher in order to make the work more quality, she put the cost of learning how much? The cost of training? Exercise cost? Occupation disease operation leads to perennial bow? One minute on the stage takes ten years, each one behind the seemingly glamorous profession, are countless people silently shed countless sweat.
This shot is so light, it is so heavy. It might only tattoo division to understand.
tattoo price
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What is floating eyebrow?

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

Floating eyebrow tattoo in 2004 attributable to, in the traditional technology, the set director of the public and years of experience for the pre tattoo, eyebrow defect, invented floating eyebrow. And apply for a patent. With the same principle and principle of eyebrow tattoo, coloring phenomenon is traumatic, according to the face, temperament, occupation design eyebrow, and then open the skin with floating eyebrow, buried in the pigment. The pigment and collagen combination, form a pigment. Then the formation of a root like eyebrows, eyebrow tattoo pattern composition technology. Because of the improvement of the tools, design method can improve the eyebrow. In the creation of floating eyebrow, eyebrow can feel with slender hair like in effect, can be deceptive, handsome and elegant feeling. So called “floating eyebrow”.

eyebrow tattoo

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Eagle Eyebrow Correctly

eyebrow tattoo - microblading holder

1,The eyebrow shape and standard position :

eyebrow tattoo
eyebrow tattoo

Located on the edge of the eyebrow eyes, or from the inner corner of the vertical line of orbital, follow the supraorbital margin slightly curved outward a bundle of hair distribution. The eyebrows can be divided into the brow, eyebrow, eyebrow tail. The highest point of the upper edge of the eyebrows arc called .

(1): located in the brow canthus is in the alar rim and inner canthus angle line extension line. Two an eye brow spacing is approximately equal to the crack length.

(2): Mei Wei slightly oblique outward, eyebrow tail with a frown on the same level, and on the same side line extension line of nose and eye canthus.

(3): “the eyebrows is divided into three parts, 1 / 3” in Chinese and foreign junction.

(4) the growth pattern of the eyebrows eyebrows by a root hair is divided into three layers, and the interaction and overlapping. That’s the part of wide, oblique eyebrows eyebrow Wei foreign basic consistent with the outward growth below. Eyebrow waist thick eyebrows, the eyebrows down oblique, outward inclined columns in the eyebrows, the eyebrows upward sloping. The eyebrows density is 50-130 /CM2.

2, About Eyebrow Tattoo

tattoo eyebrow

(1) plane eyebrow: This is one of the most ancient art of eyebrow. The old eyebrow is a pattern to some of their love of worship (such as: reptile animal) the painted on the forehead brow, with the side to show their beautiful parrot. After improving the beautician evolved into today’s plane eyebrow. Its characteristics are: Standard eyebrow color pattern, on average, no vision to feel.

(2) (a punctate eyebrow eyebrow): This is a modified minimum damage plane eyebrow. This method only needs the eyebrow needle point drops stab the capsule and let the eyebrows can be colored, looks like the root of the eyebrows thick. This method is only suitable for itself, only good eyebrow eyebrows less or smaller.

(3) stereo eyebrow eyebrow: This is later learned from the art of painting and beautician to. The main features of its prominent lines like eyebrows, with uneven length and thickness of the hair line features a text with a needle, consistent with the trend of the direction of the eyebrows.

(4) three-dimensional simulation of eyebrow eyebrow: this method is the best method in recent years around the beautician to create an eyebrow development almost at the same time, it has been widely used in cosmetic industry. It is based on the characteristics of coffee as the foundation, combined with the principle of the optical principle and aesthetic eyebrow to simulate the color, without destroying the original eyebrow on the show eyebrow of the verve beauty and dynamic beauty. This method is not suitable for the original no eyebrows.

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Brow effect is good? The effect can be maintained?

The effect of plant plant can maintain long? Well? This is eager to improve their eyebrows lack patients asked. The Hefei Huamei hair transplant center the expert will give you a satisfactory answer.
Plant well? By plant method can thoroughly and effectively help you solve the problem of scarce eyebrows, the treatment effect is good, can be completely permanent to help you solve the problem of the scarcity of the eyebrows. Because the hair transplantation is carried out by using its own brow hair follicle transplantation, therefore postoperative without any adverse reaction.
Plant effect can be maintained? And occipital healthy hair follicle tissue removal surgery microsurgery, specially careful separation of hair follicle tissue to be transplanted after the transplant site. Hair follicle survival will grow new hair healthy, keep the original all biological characteristics of hair, no necrosis again.

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How long will it take after the eyebrow eyebrow again?


Tattoo Training, Microblading Training, Eyebrow TattooFor eyebrow, should pay attention to the following matters:
During the first, after the healing of eyebrow, can be coated with antibacterial ointment or oral inflammation Yao to avoid secondary infection, avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet light;
Second, the crust about 1 weeks off, an eyebrow may occur after normal temporary pigmentation, will gradually absorb metabolism. Oral vitamin C can reduce the pigment reflux; and transient response may be swelling and other treatment, but will disappear;
Before third, decrustation treatment area best to contact the water, do not rub, to make their own crusts fall off, can not be forcibly peeling; decrustation did not participate in the intense movement, so as not to cause infection after sweating;
Fourth, avoid spicy, tobacco and wine, and dark things such as coffee.
We do not recommend washing eyebrow immediately after eyebrow, preferably at least two months apart, again color, so as to better absorb color.

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After the eyebrow shape is different how to do?

Tattoo Training, Microblading Training, Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow shape after is not the same, a thick eyebrow tail down and the color is relatively heavy, a fine of up and eyebrow tail light color, I love thin and shallow brow, looked very natural, and thick and heavy color downward eyebrow how to get it? Said another can repair the opportunity, they are not symmetric machine like that, all with a ruler, with a pen embroidery, and I don’t want to be embroidered, as if I put the light heavy embroidered really ugly, can you use a laser to heavy color embroidery shallow?
The usual first tattoo or embroidery, are not recommended for coarse long eyebrows, because once the bad effects of change on the poor.
Tattoo Training, Microblading Training, Eyebrow Tattoo
But to know that even his eyebrows are not perfectly symmetrical, two eyes is the size and the distance you have any radian, but the visual focus is not there, so there is no one to say asymmetry, strict data comparison, not only about two eyes is the same, so only eyebrows on the basis of this approximation, there is no absolute.
But if the gap is too much after two eyebrow tattoo, at a glance, or not doing so slightly symmetry.


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How to make the eyebrow slender lines?

What are the common methods of tattoo

First, repeat must be repeated in the same line on;
Second, manual needle must be 90 degrees vertically;
Third, James with less pigment, pigment;
Fourth, the needle should not be too deep;

What are the common methods of tattoo


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The color of eyebrow scabby after dropping very shallow, not even this can?

eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattooUse of erythromycin and chlortetracycline rub are very good! A few days will be very urticant, to cover, do not use hands, after about a month to repair (if you feel the color light color words), you just can not make up, because now are used in the plant pigment, so a long time there will be a little fade, is normal, don’t worry! When filling time like lines so carefully, as long as a few strokes on a good color.







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