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Nice Eyebrows can improve the Proportion of facial Features

eyebrow tattoo

A nice eyebrows, can improve the proportion of facial features, make the face more perfect. Whether you wear make-up, eyebrow is an important and indispensable link.
A nice eyeblows, besides the shape and texture of eyebrow itself, more important is suitable.
How to find suitable for their own eyebrow?

HOW TO: Fill in your eyebrows with a stencil
How many people are aware of the eyebrows, here not much to do analysis.

But everyone looks different, eyebrow to It differs from man to man. For example, the empress of the eyebrow, if wholly intact placed in different face, the effect may not be good.

Oval face
But for most of the oval eyebrow, frown, moderate amplitude eyebrow will make more delicate facial features.

Long face
Long face is serious, not suitable too pick eyebrow. “Gentle synophrys can improve the ratio of long, short face.

I round face
Not suitable for a round face thick flat eyebrow, suitable for smooth lines, moderate amplitude, angle slightly rise eyebrow, can highlight the delicate features, narrow face.

Time square face
For the eyes clear, slightly angle of eyebrow, can improve facial short faults, elongated faces.

V shaped face
V shaped face more pointed chin, give people a sense of instability, a suitable angle flat, slightly curved eyebrow, can make the face look more balanced.
A good and suitable for their own eyebrow, many factors need to study and reference, to know the failure of 80%. And relationships are not good eyebrow design.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the methods of plant

floating eyebrow

Current Plant method The main graft reconstruction and hair planting, these two methods have advantages and disadvantages:
Free transfer for reconstruction of eyebrows, low survival rate and scarce, but simple operation, Brow The price of low cost: the characteristics of pedicle graft reconstruction of eyebrow growth is too dense and lost eyebrows, secondary or because of the “male genetic hair loss caused by the tendency of” reconstruction of eyebrows off. This method is relatively simple operation and low cost; eyebrow planting and reconstruction of natural eyebrow shape, closer to the normal eyebrows. In addition, the surgical trauma, less pain, faster postoperative recovery, low complication rate, plant price but the method of complex operation, high technical requirements, high cost.

General hair survival is inversely proportional to temperature, room temperature is higher, the more exuberant hair The new supersedes the old, Plant price The smaller the hair follicle cells to hypoxia tolerance, hair follicle cells to death. The general election in the spring and autumn or winter operation, then the hair to slow metabolism, improve the tolerance to hypoxia, and implantation of hair survival rate is high. Hot summer weather, cell metabolism, easy death, coupled with the hot weather prone to infection, easy to cause operation failure.

The best surgical hospital dry land, need health before surgery, organic lesions without organ, such as the price of plant disease heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, pneumonia and other serious systemic diseases: such as diabetes, blood diseases, immunodeficiency disease; no local infection such as scalp, scalp furuncle, ulcer women should avoid the menstrual period. It should be routine preoperative blood and urine routine laboratory examination and chest X-ray and ECG health examination; two days before the plant price were used disinfectant wash hair, such as smoking, before the operation should stop. Aspirin, contraceptives and some anti-inflammatory drugs can cause increased bleeding, so for a time before these drugs should be discontinued.

Hair grower, one day before the operation, in the ear after the above set aside about 5 ~ 6 cm wide, 1.5 – 2 cm, plant dry hair price high 0.7 ~ 1 cm long for gross area. The vertical axis for gross area and gross flow direction parallel to the rest of the male hair shaved off, women can be around for hair shaved head hair with soap after repeated washing several times, iodine, alcohol disinfection, aseptic dressing. Hair transplantation, design for the area and the surrounding hair shaved.

Postoperative use of antibiotics to prevent infection in a week. Second days after surgery may appear eye edema or subcutaneous bleeding, the number of days may disappear, 7 days after the scalp. Since the brow eyebrow area dressing out gently opened. After take out stitches if the local itching, available 2% menthol alcohol cotton to several times, a few days can disappear. Such as red papules available 2.5% iodine daily with 5 – 6 times, until the disappearance of so far.

Through our introduction, everyone on the brow of method have shortcomings should have a clearer understanding. Plant prices if you don’t know oneself should choose what kind of way, we recommend you to consult the experts online, then they will be based on your specific situation given appropriate advice.

Plant is a problem that many friends are very concerned about the price, plant through plant treatment make people go up beautiful is not a dream. But we need to know is that after the brow need careful care caixing. So, what to notice after the brow? The following is a detailed introduction.

What attention after the brow:
eyebrow tattooPlant a week after use of antibiotics to prevent infection. The brow brow surgery second days after the price may appear eye edema or subcutaneous bleeding, the number of days may disappear, 7 days after the scalp. Since the brow eyebrow area dressing out gently opened. After take out stitches if the local itching, available 2% menthol alcohol cotton to several times, a few days can disappear. Such as red papules available iodine 2.5% daily Tu 5-6 times, until disappeared. The new plant in 1 to February after the eyebrows began to fall, but also do not fall off, often in the 3 to June new eyebrow after birth.

After the plant is the main attention to clean, dry, plant price timing Tucha professional repair agent. A dynamic floating eyebrow will dazzle crusted, so don’t worry about the formation of scar, but not water, so as not to affect the color. In addition, if suffering from diabetes, heart disease, skin allergies or injury not easily recovered by hand, and leukocytosis, lack of platelet, blood coagulation time, the pigment of skin rejection, not suitable for embroidery.

Plant self nursing: a new graft survival after good eyebrow, eyebrow eyebrows should be into the usual height is about 0.7-1 cm, plant length is uneven price realism, regular pruning, so as not to grow hair, like eyebrows.

Have a friend or intend to do brow brow friends, to pay attention to what the problem after the plant should have a clear understanding, in the understanding of this problem, we must pay more attention to it. If you have any need to understand the problem, can keep in contact with online expert.