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The advent of electronic tattoo, can always switch pattern-Handsome!

electronic tattoo

” Before we introduce the tattoo machine, but it is not what the high tech on black technology, electronic tattoo ink to introduce today, is the real black technology!!

Electronic ink tattoo,
You can always switch pattern
 electronic tattoo
This is a electronic tattoo controlled by intelligent mobile phone Bluetooth link, it can not only change the tattoo pattern, display important information, but also let the tattoo Not the least trace was found. disappear.

Even can move the pattern
 electronic tattoo
Not only can be used for tattoo, but can be used for the replacement of some mobile phone screens, you can take it as a liquid crystal display device to use. In fact, this principle is not complicated, the use of electronic tattoo is a kind of digital ink…

You can display a variety of health indicators in your running
 electronic tattoo
This is from the subcutaneous digital ink technology is developing Emerge Labs laboratory. This is a revolutionary technology, if the academic point, we call “subcutaneous bistable double pigment ink system”. (the above text only to pretend to use ~).
 electronic tattoo
If said simply, this is actually a combination of electronic ink, equivalent to ordinary tattoos and electronic ink screen technology. The electronic ink particles implanted in the skin below the tiny, these particles can penetrate the skin color will appear, so as to establish a similar display area of the liquid crystal display.
 electronic tattoo
You can link the iPhone mobile phone via Bluetooth or other intelligent devices to control the subcutaneous electronic ink display.
To see this revolutionary Electronic Ink Tattoo technology introduces the video:
In addition, before the development of electronic ink, dynamic image to be displayed on the display, you need to have a constant current. However, characteristics of electronic ink technology is that it only needs to display an image change when the consumption of energy, once the image is displayed after the current need not, at this time there is no difference between ordinary and tattoo. To create such a tattoo like electronic ink screen on the skin, it consumes very little power, the future of complete biological electricity within the body of nature can drive!