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On the suitable eyebrow shape of various face shapes

If your eyebrows are sparse, you need to go to the eyebrow or your own thrush. Today we talk about the thrush eyebrow pencil, about the color of eyebrow pencil choice, I suggest you choose light brown or brown eyebrow pencil. Black color or even dark brown eyebrow pencil will make us Asians look unnatural. With a sharpened pen to the mirror, according to the existing eyebrow type, a root of the painting. Make the eyebrows appear natural. After painting, with eyebrow brush along the shape of the eyebrows brush a few, so that the color of eyebrow pencil and eyebrows very well together.

First, eyebrows sparse: sparse eyebrow can use eyebrow pencil to trace short feather eyebrows, the genuine, and then with eyebrow brush light brush, make its soft natural. This eyebrow shape is not appropriate to draw the eyebrows too flat.
Second, the eyebrows are too curved: when the eyebrows too curved can shave to the upper margin, to reduce the arch camber.
Third, the brows too close: eyebrows too close, can shave the nose near the bridge, so that the brows and the inner corner of the eye.

Fourth, too far brow: brow too far, can use eyebrow pencil to stroke long, to reduce the distance between the two eyebrows.
Fifth, eyebrows too straight: too straight eyebrows can be brow and eyebrow tail of the upper edge of the shave a little, and then the next edge to shave, so that the eyebrows form a soft curvature.
Sixth, High and thick eyebrows: this eyebrow can be shaved off the edge, the distance between eyebrows and eyes closer.
Seventh: The eyebrows are too short: the eyebrows can be trimmed with a sharp and soft brow, and the eyebrows will be painted longer by eyebrow pencil.
Eighth, eyebrows too long: too long eyebrows can be shaved too long, eyebrow tail should not be coarse blunt, should shave eyebrow tail of the lower edge, make it gradually sharp.
In addition, you can also look at the following facial shape and eyebrows relationship:
Round face: If the horizontal eyebrow, will make the face bigger and shorter, if the drooping eyebrow, will make the face shorter and more round, so the round face is suitable to stroke up eyebrows, so that the face is elongated accordingly.
Long face: If the stroke of the eyebrow will cause longer, the horizontal eyebrow can make the face appear shorter.
Square face: A fine eyebrow will make the face bigger, the stroke eyebrow can make the face look more round.
Triangle face: not suitable for the angle of the eyebrow, eyebrow type to be generous, stingy eyebrows will be more emphasis on the lower part of the generous weight.
Inverted triangle face: not suitable for the angle of the eyebrow outside, also not suitable for the drooping eyebrow or the big curved eyebrow (drooping brow will make the forehead longer, the big curved eyebrow will emphasize narrow forehead), only suits the gentle and slightly thick horizontal eyebrow, this may make the forehead appears narrow some, shortens the face the length.

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