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Some of the complications of tattoo

tattoo division

Now most women go out is to dress up yourself, eyeliner is an important and complex part of some people, many people are not good eyeliner, so many women choose to have the tattoo to solve this problem. Many people worry that the tattoo has no complications, especially some physical poor crowd more worried about this problem.
First Local infection Is due to the disinfection process does not meet, actually there must be Aseptic operation But, after some customers do not seriously care can lead to infection. While the proportion of cross infection is the most. Due to hepatitis, HIV and other viruses can be through blood, tears, saliva and other communication, so little attention will cause iatrogenic cross infection. This is mainly because the disinfection is not strict, many people share the needles; especially those without any medical knowledge also engaged in the tattoo work. Some beauticians only use traditional alcohol or Bromogeramine disinfection. These disinfectants without killing effect on hepatitis B virus, AIDS virus, so cause cross infection. In addition some electric tattoo machine tattoo faster, tattoo needle sharp, if the placement is not firm, tattoo needles fall off, or the operator negligence, may injure the eye. The new curriculum at Asia inside the network has introduced how to Wenxiu let the students through certain methods with their own aesthetic shaping works, to improve the division of technical or marketing from the tattoo can be help from different aspects of the course.

Some of the complications of tattoo

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