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Soft like eyebrow is carried out?

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Soft eyebrow spinning It is through manual operation with 8-12 needle consists of needle, fixed on the handle, in the design of a good eyebrow from the space “leading needle” and “after the needle” and “needle” method to make embroidery eyebrow shape more perfect, natural.
Soft like eyebrow How is it? Generally speaking, soft like eyebrow operation mainly in the following steps:
Get ready: Articles prepared with eyebrow surgery, is mainly prepared 8-12 needle embroidery needle.
Design: According to the subject’s facial features, height, and age, can be, the corresponding design eyebrow, do it in order to ensure the effect of perfect nature.
Specific operation:
1, with a soft needle All the needle on the skin do loop Roudong, commonly used in skin color shop.
2, after use the needle: After the needle put on the skin, then paste the skin before the needle, while move, while retreating back, made from heavy to light effect, for the brow area.
3, with a rotating needle: The curved line, and push using six needles, and for the middle brow eyebrow tail.
4, with a needle: Do the three needle point and promotion for “site.
5, the guide pin: The needle placed in parallel on the skin before the needle, a needle for order of mention, eyebrow edge.
6, with leading needle: Before the needle put on the skin, and then after the needle attached to the skin, while move, while retreating back, for eyebrow tail.
Soft like eyebrow is carried out? Through the above introduction, we learned that the process of soft like eyebrow has three main steps, divided into the preparation stage, preoperative design to the specific operation of three parts, we can see from the soft like eyebrow is a fine work of My teacher Has a very high demand.

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