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See through a woman from the eyebrows began to identify a womans charm

Eyebrow implant range

Human hair, Chinese traditional numerology think: human hair, fine hair, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hair, armpit hair, pubic hair. This is both men and women have, in addition, some hair, which are unique for men. The beard, chest and leg hair. All of these is the most coarse hair, pubic hair, the eyebrows is fine. Most can display the character is hair, eyebrows, pubic hair. The Asian network provides a good Korean tattooing lip lines, floating eyebrow, lip lines, and the effect of Eye Liner Eyeliner washing as well as their selling price changes, through the pictures show the tattoo project operation process, contraindications, focusing on the invitation of tattoo teachers teach embroidering indications, precautions and repair methods. Today, Asian tattoo net say something Female eyebrows .

There are many adjectives such as: eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrow sword, beam with joy coming into, talk, frowning, crescent sweep xishangmeishao, willow bend eyebrow, eyes. Therefore, if your eyebrows look, then you only need to take care of you, don't assume your eyebrows eyebrow; it looks not so smooth, we need comprehensive conditioning, in addition to beautiful eyebrow modification, it is more important to you through a conditioning and numerology, make their own for more luck, so, in order to "eyebrow from the heart", let your eyebrows more outstanding, more fast.
1, there may be eyebrows angle is the wife
In addition to traditional numerology that can reflect the wealth of nose, and other body surface is wealth, but these parts must be few together to observe, to be effective, such as the three eyebrows, eyes and ears were born well, will be able to have a "wealth" effect. Is the source of wealth ears is the foundation of a person's place. But the facial features reflect the inner wisdom and knowledge, the eyebrow angle, will create great wealth in the thirty to forty year old. Therefore, for men, who can have eyebrows angle is the wife.
2, eyebrow powder woman tricks
Eyebrow powder woman often tricks, one not careful will let the man be suffer. Because her heart every minute in the calculation of others, even friends, no mercy, mercy, so for men, women not only for cocoa powder eyebrow is the wife, even the usual exchanges should be cautious with.
3, the broom brow narrow-minded woman
"The broom eyebrow is eyebrow tail became scattered and scattered, is a symbol of wealth, the eyebrow powder" woman is unsettled, everything worry. Easy "real". This woman is particularly on others suspect that the person must not suspicious, mind cheerful, life is not I wish you a happy voyage.
4, the eyebrows is too narrow narrow-minded woman
The community said: women can not have a narrow eye brow". What is called "narrow eyebrows eyebrow eye"? Is too narrow, this woman, because the measure is smaller, and therefore more likely to make little verve, unassuming. Many things are right, I'm afraid more one day in my life.
5, a woman living heart straight eyebrows
The living human woman straight eyebrows ruthless, also the main cross day. The inverse living eyebrows. His constant disaster, also Fukezu, evil guy. Of course, you can now change the character through the tattoo, but it is difficult to change.

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