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Remodeling eyebrow brow eyebrow and from the beginning

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Beautiful eyebrow face is a beautiful scenery, a lot of women's eyebrows will slowly drop, which greatly affect facial appearance, now a lot of friends to find the beauty of eyebrow plastic surgery to improve this problem. The lifting eyebrow and eyebrow eyebrow plastic surgery is a common project. But a lot of friends on the eyebrow and brow is not too understanding, often consult a raised eyebrow eyebrow and what is the difference, then let the following Asian tattoo net The teacher explained the difference between the two colour for us.
Brow Lift Through the special line for special use of special polymer, will have drooping brow canthus moderately raised, restore their youthful looks. The eyebrow lifting operation without surgery, no surgical incision scar, to restore the young state without trace. Do the eyebrow lifting operation is very convenient, short recovery period, for the weekend, after two days of rest, you can take on an altogether new aspect to work.
Eyebrow Is the skin around the eyebrows and excision, reshape the new eyebrow, can also improve the eye skin flabby upper. Before the operation in the original bad eyebrow position first to design a new eyebrow, on the basis of customer recognition of eyebrow, good design curve for the knife, after the operation in the design of a good eyebrow, eyebrow color implementation according to their own love, so the appearance of no traces of the operation to obtain the ideal eyebrow.
The eyebrow lifting operation can be very effective to improve the eyebrow, and the operation is more and more. Because of its beautiful eyebrow can always leave a deep impression, give people a good feeling, but the eyebrow lifting operation can let female friends do the same

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