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Professional embroidered know how many–lip color

Lip color: The main and operation of the depth, color concentration, the number of colors, color cell reception.

Depth: Needle 0.6-0.8 mm, for optimum color depth. Needle deep, bleeding large, easy foaming hyperplasia, reverse color effect. The needle is shallow and not easily coloured.

Pigment concentration: The use of front shaking color, operating lip area control in a centimeter diameter nail size, reduce pigment and blood, tissue liquid dilution. The finger collapses the lip piece, the lip piece unfolds the operation, each local point operation control in 60 seconds or so, the lip piece operation needle is slightly inclined, the acupuncture takes the circle or the reverse lip pattern to sweep. Acupuncture can tilt, halo color faster. After each local operation is completed again before operation, the pinhole within the diluted tissue liquid color transfer to the wet cotton piece, the back of the machine stained material, the power-on needle length. After the lip piece completes, wipes the lip piece, uses the saturated density color material to apply for 20 minutes.

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