Use on Eyebrow Microblading pigment for permanent makeup_select colors




Use on Eyebrow Microblading pigment for permanent makeup

Quick Details:
Type: Tattoo Ink
Brand Name: LovBeauty
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Product name: microblading pigment
Capacity: 10ml/bottle
Certification: FDA,SGS test report ,MSDS
Usage: Micropigmentation series (Machine use), Use on eyebrow
Bottle Material: PE
Package: Aseptic packing
Shipping: TNT,DHL

Microblading eyebrow tattoo pigment adopted pure plan pigments materials, through processing of the technology, the quality have been achieved the international level.
According to different country, different regions of the skin, we offer various kinds of colors.
At the same time, we also offer different inks because of the different tattoo technical operation,
such as liquid, emulsion and paste. That can be make the tattoo operation easier.


LP210 Light Coffe,LP211 Apricot Coffee,LP212 Deep Coffee,LP215 Dark Coffee,LP216 Grey Coffee,LP217 Black Coffee,LP218 Coconut Brown,LP219 Coco Coffee ,LP220 Black,LP221 Chocolate

Use on eyebrow.

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Coco Coffee

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Black

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Apricot Coffee

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Deep coffee

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Grey coffee

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Dark coffee

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup



Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Yellowwish Brown

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Chocolate

Tattoo and Permanent makeup application:
– Lip tattooing(out line and full lip)
– Eyebrow tattooing (Can make very thin )
– Eyeliner tattooing
– Sclap micropigmentation
– Scar Camouflage
-Areola Reconstruction-Vitiligo Camouflage

Competitive Advantage:
a) Organic pigments with Highest safety
b) Free of toxic and mutagenic substances
c) Free of iron oxides
d) Free of preservatives
e) Free of acrylic

Classification and Description

1.Dark colors, including the corresponding deep coffee, black coffee, black coffee. Mainly aimed at the eyebrow hair itself to compare the heavy customer; Customers with darker skin; Hair color is more deep

2.Medium color class, contains the corresponding chocolate in the market, medium coffee. Mainly for the eyebrow hair itself color non – dense customers; Fair-skinned customers; Customers with lighter hair color, who seek to restore their natural color after recovery; Customers of all ages;

3.Light colors, including the market counterpart, light coffee, grey coffee, brown coffee. It is mainly aimed at the sparse customers of the eyebrow hair itself; A fair-haired, fair-skinned customer; The pursuit of light customers;

4.All the coffee colors can be used arbitrarily, for the lack of rich experience and color materials to know less about the tattoo artist, some color can be used directly.

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup eyebrow colors

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