Medical Grade micro cream pigment for eyebrow Cocount Brown

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Medical Grade micro cream pigment for eyebrow Cocount Brown

Color:Coconut Brown
Coconut Brown: Universal medium rich brown. Dark enough to do hairstrokes. Heals ashy.Add Neutral Flesh to lighten and to use for blondes. This is a universal brow color.Taupe in blondes and dark in brunettes. Corrects orange brows in one-step.
Classification and Description
1.Dark colors, including the corresponding deep coffee, black coffee, black coffee. Mainly aimed at the eyebrow hair itself to compare the heavy customer; Customers with darker skin;
Hair color is more deep
2.Medium color class, contains the corresponding chocolate in the market, medium coffee. Mainly for the eyebrow hair itself color non – dense customers; Fair-skinned customers; Customers with lighter hair color, who seek to restore their natural color after recovery; Customers of all ages;
3.Light colors, including the market counterpart, light coffee, grey coffee, brown coffee. It is mainly aimed at the sparse customers of the eyebrow hair itself; A fair-haired, fair-skinned customer;
The pursuit of light customers;
4.All the coffee colors can be used arbitrarily, for the lack of rich experience and color materials to know less about the tattoo artist, some color can be used directly.

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