Disposable eyebrow Microblading Shading Tool with 5R needles


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Disposable Eyebrow Microblading Shading Tool with 5R Needles

Item No.: LB1702-01

Material: Environmental plastic and sponge

Package: Each one in a individual blister package

Sterilization: EO

The design of the pen is based on human mechanics, so it is very comfortable for all artists to

microblading the fine eyebrow. At the top of the pen, the environmental sponge is attached

so that the artists can use it to clean the pigment.

This pen can hold 9R and 19R microblading shading needles. If you need other needles to be with

the pen or brand your logo on the package, please email [email protected]  or Whatsapp 0086-

185 2094 3532.

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