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Plant will not fall off?

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The tattoo teacher tell you, want to know the best planting eyebrows will fall off it the answer to this question, need to know what is the brow hair eyebrow plastic surgery:
Brow hair can be through a single hair follicle transplant for anaphalantiasis. In general, only a single hair follicle transplant 200-300, regeneration of eyebrow, eyebrows with texture to decide the direction and angle of implantation. Shape will be based on the wishes of patients with design. Because the hair and eyebrows of the donor has the quite big difference, so under the microscope of carefully selected donor hair, eyebrows are the key to the success of regeneration.
Planting eyebrows The postoperative swelling is very small, and the eyebrow recovery period is 7 days, 7 days, to work out, or participate in social activities are not affected by what. The number of grafts and graft eyebrow effect after operation on the breakthrough to become the biggest bright spot, let the beauty of you don't have to worry about anaphalantiasis. With the eyebrows is minimally invasive, no scar. The appearance of the effect is very good, little pain during the operation, rapid postoperative recovery, does not affect the normal life, the customer leaves the operation room, can go home by myself.
From the analysis of the principle and eyebrow surgery, brow hair will fall off you the answer to this question is negative, but in reality the influence factors and the effect of the operation of the eyebrows are many, so we had better to normal Beauty Salon Accept treatment

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