Permanent Makeup Safety Advice

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The following information is beneficial to share with your clients.

Passing it along to your patrons will not only show you are a knowledgeable and credible technician, but it will establish that you care for the well-being of your patients; thus setting the foundation for a comfortable, trusting relationship between you and your clientele.

To Permanent Cosmetics clients:

  • Schedule a consultation with the technician prior to the actual appointment day. This consultation would most likely be the ideal time to go over all of these safety precautions with your technician.
  • Ask if the technician uses ‘disposable only’ machine parts. If they do not, make sure she/he has a functioning autoclave and uses a biological indicator test every month. (Autoclaving pressurizes steam heat to kill germ spores. At 121°C, the pressurized steam will kill all spores within 15 minutes; increased pressure and a temperature of 132°C can accomplish sterilization in 4 minutes.) Ask to see spore strip tests from an authorized lab to make sure the autoclave’s results are effective.
  • Most technicians use totally disposable machine parts. Make sure these ‘Single Use’ and ‘Sterile’ parts are safely disposed of immediately after your procedure.
  • Manual hand tools must be autoclaved prior to use for optimum sanitation. Used manual needles and/or the complete tool should be disposed of in a biohazard container. There are various hand tools that can be re-autoclaved using a new needle grouping. Technicians should check with their supply company regarding these tools.
  • Ask the technician if they follow all of OSHA and CDC guidelines. Ask to see their Sharps container and inquire what the proper protocol is concerning the disposal of used needles. All ‘Sharps’ or ‘Biohazard’ containers must be puncture-resistant, leak proof and color-coded or labeled “BIOHAZARD.
  • Make sure your technician washes their hands vigorously with soap and water and uses a clean pair of disposable gloves before setting up your sterile needle set.
  • IIPC is a latex-free clinic. If you have any allergies to latex or any other products, be sure to tell your technician at your consultation.
  • Insist on observing your technician as she or he removes a new needle and machine setup from a sealed pouch immediately before starting your procedure. You should also watch the technician set up a clean cap of pigment, poured directly from the bottle for each of your procedures. Be sure to ask the technician about their use of sterile procedures and isolation techniques. It is the responsibility of the client to observe the technician at work, inquiring about their experience and qualifications.
  • Be wary of the technician’s office during your consultation visit. If their areas are disorderly and cluttered, you may consider using another technician.
  • Question the technician on their use of barrier film. This is a clear or blue heavy-duty sheet of plastic that is sticky on one side and will adhere to light fixtures, the tattoo machine, telephone, door handles, or any other article the technician may come in contact with. If the technician does not practice using this product, there could be a transfer of contaminated blood-borne pathogens. All cords and machines should be covered as well.
  • The technician should never touch their hair, glasses, or other items with a gloved hand. If you observe this happening, you should ask the technician to replace their gloves to prevent any chance of contamination.
  • Used needles and pigment should NEVER be kept for a client’s future appointment. Pigment contains bodily fluids and bacteria, and it should be disposed of immediately after the procedure is completed.
  • Clients must sign all of the proper consent forms, as well as forms to confirm that any needles have been properly disposed of in a bio-hazard container immediately following each procedure.
  • Technicians working in open area beauty salons run the risk of airborne pathogens from acrylic nails, hair products and so on… Remember: permanent cosmetic makeup creates an open wound. Contaminants from the air should be kept to a minimum to ensure a healthy, clean procedure.
  • All surfaces should be wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant (ex.Discide) prior to, and immediately following, any procedure application.
  • Ask the technician to see their current Health Department and Business License.
  • Ask to see a current certificate from a certified Blood Borne Pathogen and Exposure Control Class or from OHSA.
  • Ask your technician to see their current portfolio with photos of other clients who underwent the same procedure that you are requesting.
  • If you are having your permanent eyebrows applied, ask for an ‘Eyebrow Design’ appointment. This appointment should be separate from your consultation. The technician will go over various shapes and colors and what the best eyebrow design for your face will be. At this time, the technician may also wax your brows. If you are not in total agreement with how the permanent makeup procedure looks while drawn on, keep working with the technician until you are satisfied with the design.
  • On your procedure day, if you are not happy with the drawn on shape of your eyes, lips or brows, do not have the procedure completed. Your technician is there to work with you and give you a great looking procedure. If you do not like how something looks, tell them prior to starting, do not wait until they have started your application and change your mind.
  • If the technician is a qualified professional, they will have no problems complying with standards above and beyond these simple guidelines. If the technician, or their place of business, does not appear up to these standards, or if they become evasive when questioned, seek out a qualified professional technician.
  • Permanent Makeup is just that…….. PERMANENT!
  • Remember the old adage: “You get what you pay for.” If your procedure is less than desirable, you cannot cover your face. Choose your technician wisely, based on their training, professionalism and your judgment of their character.

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