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Perfect eyebrow type and color to create the soul

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1, eyebrow
The eyebrow is the foundation of perfect decoration and modification, but the most easily overlooked, especially in the beauty salon to a customer, often because of close enough, no assessment of the effect of the whole eyebrow. The eyebrows in the face is never an individual, but with other coordination features exist, and the relationship between the eyebrows is close eyes, eyebrows and eyes showed 1: the proportion of 1, is the most suitable for the workplace eyebrow proportion, the makeup will look dignified and mature, but also because of the presence of the eyebrows just perfect, can make the face is more solid.
Perfect eyebrow shaping three points:
Brows And unless the brow hair flow is too long, there is no need to retain the brow hair bobbed, but most can highlight the natural flow of fresh and delicate eyebrow. The head don’t start too heavy, there will be a cumei sense of melancholy, with more than Fendai can.

Eyebrow tail To the end of the thrush, do not follow the division of tattoo eyebrow tail drooping eyebrow down painting, that will form a standard, the lines should be slightly pull out of that, do not exceed the extension line of nose – ending eye end. The eyebrows and eyebrow tail is best high, but if the face is round, can be handled eyebrow tail is slightly higher than the eyebrows, can lengthen the face.
Many people want to follow the trend of the pace, but fear not. The reason is the eyebrows there is always more or less regret, in fact, as long as we can create for the customer itself is the most perfect.
Egg shaped face
Suitable for: natural stereo eyebrow eyebrow
Create a key: for the standard oval face, the eyebrow is the best natural stereo line along the brow eyebrow. The eyebrow can be slightly thick, straight and slightly long the most beautiful goose type face are not suitable for stereo eyebrow radian large, focus should be placed on the painted eyebrows eyebrow waist not frown.
Long face
Suitable for: flat type stereo eyebrow eyebrow
Create key: flat type stereo eyebrow long face the most suitable fashion, can effectively reduce the length of the face. Note that in the thrush to straight, thick eyebrows on eyebrow too curved arc and pick are not suitable.
Round face
Suitable for stereo eyebrow eyebrow: tall
Create key: round face need to pay attention to the eyebrows should show up in tall build solid state when the eyebrow, eyebrow painted, focus on the modification, moderate draw certain angle and level, with a slightly straight eyebrow performance strength and skinny, weakened face round, add the stereo effect.
Square face
Suitable for eyebrow: elongated stereo eyebrow rose
Create a key: square face itself has been chiseled. Therefore, the cold line, slightly curved eyebrows can soften facial lines but to avoid too sharp eyebrow tail, if the eyebrow is too high, will make the face look more obvious profile. Thrush, echoing with the best in the jaw, frown at 3/4 turning, in order to highlight the advantages of three-dimensional.
Stereo eyebrow beautification method is not perfect:
The eyebrows are too straight: the upper edge of the eyebrows shaved, eyebrow radian focuses on modified slope line.
– high and thick eyebrows: this can be shaved eyebrows on the edge, the edge modified into a beautiful arc, the distance between eyebrows and eyes narrowed, but also reflects the beautiful eyebrows.
– short: eyebrow eyebrow tail repair tapering, then the eyebrows eyebrow pencil to draw longer, to extend the line for the sector.
The eyebrows too long: long and extended beyond the shave line part, repair the eyebrow line, which tapers.
The sparse eyebrows: the use of eyebrow pencil delineate the short plumes of eyebrows, and then Qingshua eyebrow brush to make it soft and natural.
The curved eyebrows too: upper edge can be shaved to reduce eyebrow height.
The eyebrows are too close to the nose: shave near the eyebrows, the eyebrows and eye alignment.
2, eyebrow color
If the eyebrow has enough neat, to create the perfect eyebrow, eyebrows will start according to the customer itself color to color, in addition to reduce the heavy sense of natural eyebrow, eyebrow color segmentation reduces deep face proportions, but also can enlarge the eyes effect bonus. Before the color to brown eyebrows, but later prone to redness of the phenomenon, so now not the color, eyebrow color to color as the reference standard, is generally black grey, eyebrow color selection and natural growth of eyebrows the same color, natural selection will appear; if it looks slightly a little shallow a three-dimensional. If the improper collocation, or black, blue or grey or red phenomenon, not only can not achieve the purpose of beauty, but also add a lot of trouble to the customer
Now the main Asian black eyebrows color dark brown, grey and gold Zongka. Without the red line.
1, Asian black dignified thick, cool colors.
Suitable for skin: cold or dark yellow, facial contour features large volume, strong contrast, eyes bright and pure black, coarse bushy eyebrows individual female selection; can also be used to do the eye lashes, reflecting the personal charm charming woman smell;
Eyebrow and paste Naturals combined can be used to turn to red purplish eyebrows.
2, dark brown and grey, very calm and mature, medium.
Suitable for skin: cold powder or brown yellow pink, facial contour features are moderate, eyes bright and soft black eyebrows, soft and fine straight Changshun of female choice; we can also combine the Asian black eyes used to make eyelashes eyeliner, reflect the gentle side of women, wide preferences for middle-aged women; and paste together with Brown eyebrow can be used to turn to red purplish eyebrows.
3, gold Zongka — pretty lively, warm color.
Suitable for skin: slender yellow or red in white, facial contour features small volume, bright brown eyes, pale eyebrows are weak female selection; also used to do with Asian black light color eye lashes, leaving no trace of the bright highlight wise eyes, unwilling to leave traces of the modified grade female prerogative. The prevailing winds in Japan and South Korea women; and dark brown grey eyebrow paste reconcile after adding orange coffee combination can be used to turn to black eyebrows is deep blue.
Eyebrow color collocation principle
The eyebrow color collocation to use a combination of depth, cannot be used alone to complete a color;
Yellow – must add a little later, in order to prevent discoloration;
When the skin color red which is a bit of warm colors, cool colors to increase the proportion of;
The color is too deep, can be transferred to a little white;
In – ning light color not deep

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