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Ordinary embroidery and medical Wenxiu, you know the secret?

Eyebrow implant range

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Ordinary embroidery and medical Wenxiu have in common, it is a big difference, now we Asian tattoo net On the two the difference for analysis, avoid eyebrow. Eyebrow inflammation, skin rash, it is not suitable for surgery; drug allergy or ringworm scar constitution, especially taboo. During the operation, in order to prevent infection. Wenxiu division must have certain aesthetic accomplishment and grasp the strict aseptic technique, careful careful operation, ensure operation success. Xihua medical Wenxiu is used to choose not only the import medical material, also rely on imports of fine embroidering equipment, the use of disposable needles no eyebrows, non-standard operation rigorous situation.
In addition, Xihua division is not only outstanding artists Wenxiu many awards at home and abroad, as well as professional medical workers, they all passed the strict training of medical hospital. The senior award winning professional division according to the guests will Wenxiu, color matching color, the ideal color effect after the completion of deft smooth. For some times, eyebrow lip pattern is not ideal, pale lip color and lack of a sense of gentle health lip, lip color or black hair, lips remained heavy, colored uneven lip, but also through the medical Wenxiu modification, make the lips are integrated to improve, to achieve solid color soft and lasting natural effect.
Tattoo culture
This humanistic beauty decorative art has a long history, in the history of China according to the load: two thousand years ago in the Warring States period this has been written, the call “thorn blue” and “tattoo” and “carved green”, “carved”, “embroidery”, “behavior of patriotic spirit and the pursuit of the Water Margin” of Lin Chong, Wu Song, Yue Fei face cizi tortured mother cizi sake’s expression are the business scope.
Two thousand years is a long history of Chinese acupuncture, really matured in late 70s and early 80s, the first tattoo for facial surgery (i.e. tattoo eyebrow, Eyeliner etc.) with the popularity of Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South korea. The modern tattoo eyebrow, eyeliner, lip lines greatly shortened the time, enrich the decorative arts in a big step. In recent years, China’s commodity economy under the impact of the tide, people’s lives become more affluent, improve the level of consumption. Eyebrow of new material, new method and new technology “to make out time and again” era and the market calls for innovation as the long-standing human eyebrow beauty consciousness, beauty is human nature. “Happiness”, reflected from the eyebrows; Meiqingmuxiu, eyebrow and eye of a partner, an organic whole, complementary and indispensable.
Eyebrow language vivid, can reflect the overall beauty of the face; everyone needs to own a pair of perfect eyebrows and look cheerful, many customers generally reflect: there are some defects in the traditional plane tattoo, silk embroidery fashion stereo planting requirements; with new materials, new methods and new technology to replace the traditional materials and methods technical challenges in the past, to greet the arrival of spring. Reduce the side effect, to replace the old materials with new materials, instead of the old methods with new technology, leading the new trend of new technology; in a word, a signal to the market innovation, but this innovation is not passively adapt to the market, but according to the needs of consumers, to broaden the thinking, create a new situation in a decorative art. Only continuous innovation, decoration beauty industry is never to the sun.
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