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Of the 10 types of eyes, how to embroider Eyeliner

eye liner

Double eyelid, single eyelids, big eyes, small eyes, so many types, according to the characteristics of how to embroider their own Eyeliner? Give Way Asian tattoo net The My teacher I’m telling you,
1, double eyelid Eyeliner Eyeliner from the inside from fine to coarse grain to the tail, pick up the formation of angle. On the liner, a maximum width of 2.5 mm, the liner from the inside from fine to coarse, little difference in thickness is 0.8 mm thick, the most. Since the 1/3 pattern to the tail slightly downward 0.5 mm.
2, the single fold of the liner on the liner and eyelid Eyeliner eyeliner is basically the same, just slightly wide, stir up outside the top rear liner.
3, the small eye liner liner should be slightly thicker, the initial part should be more than tears, Obe over canthus to flat out, so the eyes can significantly larger.
4, big eyes on not too thick eyeliner eyeliner, to clean cut, from outside to inside the tears of canthus to flat, slightly tilted tail.
5, hanging corner of the Eye Liner Eyeliner lateral end slightly downward, not upward tail. The liner at 1/3 position can be located in the lower lashes or slightly lower than the roots of eyelashes, the tail slightly wide, its width can be up to 1 mm.
6, drooping eye liner on Eyeliner Eyeliner tears over the medial canthus, to sharp, at 1/3 up to the tail, slightly wide, always lower Eyeliner eyelashes in the gray line between the root of tattoo. The tail to the top up, causing the oblique eye feeling.
7, Eye Liner Eyeliner on the elongated central part may be appropriate to produce thicker eye weekly short illusion.
8, the circular eye liner on the liner in the tail outwards extend, then eyes look slender.
9, swollen eyes Eyeliner Eyeliner whole to thicker within the medial canthus outward canthus gradually widened, pick up the flat at a distance of 2 mm of canthus, form a clear fracture line, the liner should be fine.
10, in the upper and lower eyeliner eye liner should be fine, under the eye canthus slightly thin.
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