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Nouveau Contour Intelligent Digital Machine:Intelligent Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine 2015 New Designed

New Designed Intelligent Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

 New Designed Intelligent Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

Permanent makeup machine
Tattoo machine
Micropigmentation machine
Cosmetic tattoo machine
Semi permanent makeup machine
Permanent makeup digital machine


New Designed Intelligent Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine
Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

The new intelligent permanent makeup tattoo machine (DP-05) is 100% new arrival in 2015, it comes from nouveau contour intelligent digital machine, but it is smaller, softer and  more pleased.

On the power supply, there are two holes for handpiece stand, also for big size pigment cups stand.

The handpiece is with a scale to adjust the length of needles from 0~2.5mm ,so the precision guidance of needle length will make  your work more exact.

The kit still contains a reservoir for a specific color of pigment. ​ and the needles cartridges which is fit for Nouveau contour is also fit for the machine well.

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