Nouveau contour digital permanent makeup machine, disposable cartridge needles, cosmetic tattoo device

permanent makeup handpiece

The Digital Permanent Makeup Machine LOV Medical Tattoo Device Kit contains a reservoir for a specific colour of pigment.
A single cartridge lasts for the entire regular procedure without the
need to refi ll. Due to its design, smudging of the pigment does not
occur. Special attention has been paid to the needles as well. The
shape of the needle was optimally designed in order to obtain the
highest precision and offers minimum discomfort while implanting
dyes into the skin.
The Easy-Click system enables quick assembly of the cartridge.
It easily allows changing the size of the needles or the colour
of pigments during use.

Nouveau contour digital permanent makeup machine
Nouveau contour digital permanent makeup machine permanent makeup machine Nouveau Contour permanent makeup  eyebrow tattoo machine

Needle operating speed: 50 to 150 punctures per sec.
super quiet operation. The permanent makeup handpiece contains no separate plasticparts which may cause rattling. Quick heat dissipation during long procedures.

permanent makeup handpiece
permanent makeup handpiece

The patented system of disposable needle-cartridges eliminates
the risk of contamination. There is no need to autoclave parts like
in traditional devices.
The Easy-Click system enables fast assembly.
Smooth adjustment of needle length.

nouveau contour needle cartridge
Nouveau contour needles nouveau contour needle cartridge nouveau contour needle cartridge cartridge needles Disposable Cartridge Needle

The digital permanent makeup machine whole set including :
Digital power supply *1
30pcs Cartridge needles: RL1*10,RL3*10,RL5*10
Alum Handpiece stand*1
Foot pedal*1