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No trace of eyebrow eyebrow face glow lasting radiance

What are the common methods of tattoo

Since ancient times, women will focus on the modification of facial features, more women now can help medical beauty let eyebrow modified while restoring youthful breath. So now Asian tattoo net Lead you to take a look at it!
No trace of eyebrow Hwan Yan surgery It is a part of the skin around the eyebrows and cosmetic surgery resection. The utility model has the advantages of simple, safe, quick recovery, less pain, no scar, effective eyelid flabby skin, improve the eye small wrinkles, modify eyebrow, rich eyes, makes you look younger.
No trace of gold eyebrow Hwan Yan surgery through the fine incision, fixation of soft tissue and fascia, no trace of desalination or improve forehead wrinkle and eye “wrinkles”, for drooping eyebrow and upper eyelid skin relaxation, wrinkles between the eyebrows is not obvious, to beautify the appearance of years.
Eyebrow Hwan Yan surgery operation points: in a skin above the eyebrow excision (sometimes including some eyebrows), to sew tight, change eyebrow, upper eyelid skin accumulation, solve. At the same time using the incision, eliminate glabella, took just 1 hours or so

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